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The Prophets of Addiction / Press

“I always like when bands try to go back to the roots. What if GUNS N ROSES continued their path to self destruction? What if they didn’t do that covers albums or that monumental fail ‘’Chinese Democracy’’? What if they decided to keep the train rolling after ‘’Appetite for Destruction’’ and both ‘’Use Your Illusion’’. I think PROPHETS OF ADDICTION had that mindset before recording this pretty good album. They are a mix of traditional Glam Rock with a touch of punk rock attitude (reminded me a lot of early RAMONES actually).”

“If you were ticking the ‘what makes great rock and roll’ boxes then on my scorecard Prophets Of Addiction uses up a lot of ink – it is almost as if The Sunset Strip DNA has been blended with the finest strains from the East Coast (The Ramones, the Dead Boys); the UK (Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, The Dogs D’Amour) and Scandinavia (Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies) and topped up with vodka. There’s a definite place in any dirty rock collection for The Prophets.”

“Call it “glam”, call it “sleaze” or just call it “rock”; whatever you want to label the genre, Prophets of Addiction have it mastered.”

“(Translated) THE PROPHETS OF ADDICTION are supposed to be the next big thing from the genre of sleaze rock. With her album "Reunite The Sinners" they want to fill the gap left behind by Mötley Crüe. These will mix the sound of bands like GUNS'N'ROSES, the RAMONES, HANOI ROCKS and just MÖTLEY CRÜE and also when the grapes hang of course very high, can not be denied the quartet certain qualities. Catchy numbers that are always presented with a certain punk attitude and me to the BATES (if anyone knows) remember almost a bit with it. These have the songs, actually some hit potential and should not be completely uninteresting for the radio. Anyone tracks like "Last Of The Words", "Letters From The Grave" or my personal favorite "Kings And Queens" belonged, is there agree sure. Conclusion: Whether THE PROPHETS OF ADDICTION will actually create the very big breakthrough tell. The potential have the guys with their blend of catchy melodies and snotty punk attitude definitely.”

“Four years after the debut of " Babylon Boulevard " hark back alive The Prophets Of Addiction with this back as a record titled " Reunite The Sinners ". The band led by former bassist Pretty Boy Floyd Lesli Sanders incorporates the onset stylistic coordinates, one sleaze rock of yesteryear, smoky and alcohol at the right point and takes us with these ten compositions in the suburbs of the suburbs of the decadent and infamous large American cities, where still lingers the spirit of Johnny Thunders , of Stiv Bators and the Ramones . This " Reunite The Sinners " can be criticized because it does not invent anything new, or because it is based on the usual corny cliché, but he does great with pieces by the great fire and the impact immediate. The fact is that the desire to press play again becomes almost uncontrollable, and this is already success rate.”

“PROPHETS OF ADDICTION would certainly on a par with bands like Faster Pussycat, Hanoi Rocks, Dead Boys, New York Dolls or The Dogs D'Amour”

“(Translated) All in all, we are dealing with a great hard rock album by experienced musicians whose routine is heard in every single note played. For me, who grew up with such bands like GNR, L.A. GUNS etc., the album has something pleasant from time travel. I'd like to just watch the whole thing live.”

“Think Sunset Strip bands can't do variety? Think again. Prophets Of Addiction have put a spin on the genre and come up with something genuinely different, blending elements of punk and goth to come up with something unexpected. Give it a spin you might just be surprised.”

“(TRANSLATED) The PROPHETS OF ADDICTION offer to "Reunite The Sinners" nothing unusual. But their casual mix of tried and true sounds of the seventies and eighties has quite charm. As party sound sure one or the other song is perfect, more do not want the guys certainly achieve. Beautiful drive.”

“While "Kings and Queens" begins, I must immediately think of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. In the verses that include the vocal lines have something of way, but in the chorus the band sounds again as Prophets of Addiction. The track features a guest solo by CC DeVille (Poison). Surprising number one glam rock band.”

“To be honest I was looking forward to reviewing "Reunite The Sinners" but dreading it at the same time; 'just another sleazy revival'. I was seriously wrong. VERY Recommended”

"Perfect Sound"

“REUNITE THE SINNERS: "it's everything so-called Glam bands aren't and it's what sets these cats aside. There is more going on here than the image might suggest; there is dirt under those finger tips and a wider appreciation of Rock And Roll is on display. 'Heart Of Mine' uses synth strings and has more than a nod towards something the Manic Street Preachers might have delivered around the 'Gold Against The Soul' period and Sanders' voice is so distinctive it certainly adds another dimension and this is catchy enough to reach out to a much wider commercial audience.”

“A very strong album within the genre with not a lot to complain about.”


“These cats have taken the best of NYC’s sleaze-punk days (Johnny Thunders, The Throbs, Circus Of Power) and the best of the early glam-sleaze days (Hanoi Rocks, Dogs D’Amour, Sea Hags), and slammed them together with the force of a hundred freight trains. There’s no studio trickery here, either; these are raw recordings that sound gloriously like the band playing live on the best night of their lives.”


“Don't let their glitter image fool you, for this bunch join the dots between ALICE COOPER and THE RAMONES”

DMME.net – Classic Rock and Beyond

“To be honest, I was looking forward to reviewing this band but dreading it at thesame time. I have heard so many great things about them and didn't want to be disappointed, well I can definitely say I wasn't. From the opening song 'Hang Me Up' I was hooked.”

Underkill TV Review

“Definitely worth seeking out, if you remember what individuality, liberty, rebellion, and FUN felt like. Epic. Gnarly.”

Sugar Buzz Magazine

“They've made a big, old fashioned-sounding, sleaze-metal, silvery-pizza, that summons back the snarling ghosts of both, "Liven Like A @&* Suicide" and "Too Fast For Love.””


““Babylon Boulevard is one of the best debut for a long time in this genre”9 out of 10.”

Adam Kulkey - Metal Hammer Magazine

““This is possibly the best album of its genre for many a moon - if only Guns N' Roses still made records like this the world would be a better place.” www.uberrock.co.uk”


“Every once in a great – and blessed – while, a band comes along that encapsulates everything that’s great about rock-n-roll. The Prophets of Addiction is that band. These guys are so authentic and such masters at what they do that it’s like some mad scientist extracted the pure essence from their genre – Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, The Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, LA Guns, Lords of the New Church and all the best glam/punk bands – and gave rise to The Prophets of Addiction. With songs that will play in your head long after the CD stops and looks that kill, The Prophets of Addiction are the total package. It’s been way too long for a band like POA to come to us lovers of metal, mascara and musical mayhem. Their debut album “Babylon Boulevard” brings back those freewheeling, whiskey soaked, halcyon days (nights, really) when the Sunset Strip hosted countless punk/metal mash-up bands looking to hit the big time – and, of course, all the girls, girls, girls they could get.”

Matt Nagle - Tacoma Weekly

“New outfit from the ex-Pretty Boy Floyd bassist, Lesli Sanders who also fronts the Prophets' too. It's straight up sleazey glam stuff that fits fits somewhere between New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks and Dogs D'Amour at times. Highlights include the opening 'Hang Me Up that sets the scene of the sound and style of whats to come, the kicking 'Kick It In' (sorry couldn't resist that), the excellent countrylike that starts up acoustic 'Mistress Addiction and the closing power ballad 'Where R U Now'. This material really flows well and easily matches if not exceeds that from the previous band I heard of his called 'City Girls Boys' a good few years ago. 8/10 By Glenn Milligan metaliville.com”

“This is Lesli Sanders (QUEENY BLAST POP, CITY GIRLS' BOYS, etc.)' new band so I was quite curious to listen to it. 10 street glam songs with vocals that you will enjoy if you like bands like the NEW YORK DOLLS, FASTER PUSSYCAT or The THROBS. Sounds quite cool, right? The PROPHETS OF ADDICTION may have their feet in the gutter but they don't forget about the melody in their choruses ("Alter Of Altercation","Still Alive","Where RU Now") and even add a bit of new wave/dark wave kind of keyboards to emphasize them. "Self Portrait" or "Babylon Boulevard" and their tragic rock'n'roll feel will be some of your favourites on here if you worship early HANOI ROCKS and the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH like I do! You'll also find a bit of DOGS D'AMOUR especially in wistful ballad "Mistress Addiction". You now probably understood that the PROPHETS OF ADDICTION have great tastes and put them together in order to bring you this killer debut album. So don't miss it!/Laurent.”