The Projectionists / Press

“THE PROJECTIONISTS Featuring Ex-TROUBLE Vocalist's Son To Release New EP. Dark Star Records is pleased to announce that they have just signed a deal with the progressive experimental band THE PROJECTIONISTS.”

“Based in Aurora, Illinois, THE PROJECTIONISTS "has already caused quite a stir with its trippy psychedelic music, somewhat reminiscent of THE DOORS and PINK FLOYD, but with its own true original dark alternative sound," according to a press release. The band's next live appearance will be on March 24 at the House Of Blues in Chicago.”

“Like a melancholic Syd Barrett, Jon Wagner of The Projectionists understands how to blend deep vocals into tracks to infuse soul. The Aurora group utilizes classic psychedelic rock sounds and a modern experimental, progressive rock feel to create a unique sound. Check out “Visions of a Corroded Mind” from their latest EP, “Dysphoric Illuminations”.”