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From the creative mind of Liam Dib; his role as the Prodical Son is an exploration of Freeverse Rap and story telling. Prodical Son's debut album 'In A League Of Our Own' is a bookmark of his experiences and personal revelations. In this digital age he was persistent in cutting tangible CD's paying homage to the trail blazers that came before him.

Liam Dib grew up in North Delta and has been a performer from a young age, he started as the only male ballet dancer in his dance school when he was 4. He was dragged to so many of his older sisters classes his mother decided just to see what would happen if he did his own class and he liked the attention all the girls gave him so he stuck with it up until high school.

Liam started to learn how to play guitar from Derek Jensen (whose protege was Dave Brenner from Juno Winners Theory of a Deadman) while he was studying Tae Kwon Do across the street and would quite regularly take his lessons in his TKD uniform. By the age of 13 he was already a black belt and decided to move on to League Box and Field Lacrosse, Delta League Australian Rules Football (for which he also represented Canada at a Junior National Level), High School Basketball, Football and Field Lacrosse.

At school he took band, which led to jazz band and wind ensemble at both Burnsview and Seaquam in Delta. He played alto and baritone saxophone (baritone in jazz band) and developed quite a substantial lung capacity.

He was also training to become a lifeguard during high school, a dream he never realized until the summer of 2010 and regrettably a short lived one at that being shuffled out of the lifeguard/instructor roster once the fall came.

Liam also taught snowboarding at Grouse Mountain and currently holds a CASI Level 2 certification.

Although Liam was a gifted student, he never could adhere to what was expected of him. He was voted Student Council Prime Minister but he admits it was pure stage presence that he was able to win, his speech entailed a lot of fancy concepts but promising essentially nothing other than having opinions taken into consideration (like any good politician) and served for his term during Grade 11 until he had fulfilled his duties. He took a chance to become an auto-mechanic apprentice during his grade twelve year, which meant dropping out of his A.P. English Class and even Grade 12 Math (although he remained enrolled in Calculus). Having attended summer school in Grade 10 and having 2 work placements and every Band and Lifeguard course counting for credits, he graduated with over 50 extra credits.

After a brief stint at Kwantlen, he continued to ponder about what he really wanted out of life; he was hired on winter of 2009 to start lifeguarding, never started until summer of 2010 and by the time he worked out his rookie season with no employment oppertunities, the future began to look bleak. He taught snowboarding in the winter once more but was no longer welcome at home unless he pursued something serious.

By February 2011 he relocated to Sydney Australia to attend Sydney Theatre School for ten months for a Theatre Degree and also managed to land the lead role in an amateur production of High School Musical as Troy Bolton.

His musical ambition began to flourish over seas and when he returned in November 2011 he linked up with his old classmate SLY of The Siinergy and started recording his first mixtape 'The Covers Album'. He wanted to work on songs he could sit down and write to fully before he started recording on his own beats SLY would create so he re wrote over 20 popular songs and it proved to be quite an effective experience.

His return to Delta was just a stepping stone having to then take his next step with his acting career.

By April 2012 after yet another season teaching snowboarding he was accepted into the Vancouver Film School for the Acting for Film and Television program and relocated to Downtown Vancouver.

He then starting porting at various nightclubs. First The Charles Bar, then Forum (currently Cabana), then Joe's Apartment, 2013 The Queens Republic, 2014 Brandi's Showlounge and 2016 Belmont all the way up to bartending the ESL Nights at Cabana.

PSLCD’s ambitions do not end there, over the course of several years in the lucrative union background field with a variety of interpersonal and professional skills have allowed Liam to earn positions in a wide array of productions around the Vancouver and surrounding areas. He has appeared in such TV and films as Once Upon a Time as a Lost Boy, Star Trek BEYOND as an Alien Marauder, Descendants as Cameron Boyce’s CARLOS’ Photo Double with a return appearance in the sequel including a ISLE OF THE LOST Cameo, a featured role as a support group member in the upcoming AT&T production Loudermilk, When We Rise, Timeless and The Magicians to name a few.

PSLCD is a the SOCIAL MEDIA HEAD for BATTLE-AXE WARRIORS WORLDWIDE FAMIGLIA under the mentorship of ROCCO DI POPOLO as part of the EAST VAN DIVISION of the BATTLE AXE WARRIORS in which he manages the Baxwartv YOUTUBE account for WEBISODES, INTERVIEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS concerning the global movement of ARTISTS OF ALL FORMS

The album recently produced liamthelion is a compilation of tracks sourced from SLY of the SIINERGY with a Loyal-T sourced beats on WARRIORS. Included are stage style tracks that can have you dancing around in every direction, inspirational tracks that are intended for a positive reflection, a love style featured beat and an R&B inspired beat including Jazz and Contemporary sensation Tiffany Rivera included as a cast-mate in the re-staging of REINVENTION OF DISCO 2016 Vancouver Cast

Projects include in order

In A League of Our Own 2013

The Dark Tape 2014

Carpe Liem 2015

thenextstage 2016

liamthelion 2017

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Liam Raymond Dib - Vocals
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The Prodical Son of LCD
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Vancouver, BC, CA

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