The Prodical Son / Press

“If I was a Stock, I would Invest in me...”


“These Lady's Love Me, They wanna Touch Me, But most of them aren't old Enough to F*ck Me...”

“POOF! With The Click Of A Button, This Shit Is Disgustin, I Could Smash These Rappers Words Like They Live In A Pumpkin...”

“You Hippie Motherfuckers, Can Go Pick out Your favorite tree, Noose Rappers With Their Mic Cords If They Think That They Can Hang With Me...”

“I'm The Prodical Son, Have You Heard Of The Movement??? It's ILLIMITABLE ENTERTAINMENT Makin The Music!!!”

“I'm A Dream, But People Are Reluctant It Seems, To Achieve What Hey See, When They Dream In Their Sleep...”

“The Most Talked About Rapper In Canada...”

“I'm More Mad Then All These Cattle, I'm Back On Your Back Like You're Strapped With A Saddle...”

“Tony Hawk Couldn't Keep Up With The Prodical's Grind, Megatron of Metaphors, I'm Fuckin Optimus Prime, If You want My Fuckin Nuts, You can Hop In The Line... Bunch of Dickheads, Bitches Got My Cock On Their Mind...”

“We're Currently Aligning With The Center Of The Galaxy, Catastrophe alone will change perceptions of reality...”

“When you make an impression, It's a sacred expression. Cuz when you look in the mirror you can't fake your reflection...”

“Violence needs to me minimalized, And weed at the least needs to be De-Criminalized...”

“September Eleventh, Children molested by several revrends, Is nothing compared to how I cleverly sever a sentence...”

“Instead of meditating you'd rather medicate yourself, But it never saves your Health....”

The Prodical Son

“I once knew a guy who was twisted inside, He'd smoke a spliff to get high and listen to Rhymes....”

The Prodical Son

“I sit and hit the Bong, Sing a Little Song, We need to chill, Can't we just get along...”

The Prodical Son

“To build a New World, we're stoppin the Order, Before the conquer the borders and Trap us in a Box of Pandora...”