The Prime Eights / Press

“We are a product of good rock and hip-hop from the golden age, combined with all-star instrumentation and a new school twist. It’s all about making the right songs rather than make a particular sound or fit into any particular genre.”

“You ever find one of those bands/artists that can seem to do no wrong? You know the ones, they could basically sing the phone book over music and make it sound like the best song ever recorded. Well, let me tell you, The Prime Eights are one of those groups. ”

“Bottom line, this is the kind of music where you crank the windows down, turn up the volume, and just CRUUIIISSSEEEEE! SCORE: 9 out of 10 ”

“The Prime Eights are the perfect mix of old school hip-hop, modern blues-rock funk, with serious commercial appeal.”

““From the first listen, weeks ago the music has struck me as a finely tuned, artistic masterpiece. Real Grown Up Music””

““One of the freshest sounding projects I’ve heard in the last decade, the mix of live band and old school feel to the lyrics combine to give the Prime Eights a sound of their own.””