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“The band’s newest album, Days Among Giants, plays out like a veteran’s greatest hits box set, mapping out ten, fifteen, twenty years of evolution in under an hour (the early, bar-room days; the initial successes, the platinum record sales and tell-all biographies; and the experimental finale).”

"The record opens up with “Get Out,” where lead singer, Josh Vasquez, shows some amazing range. The song is short and straight to the point, things that strongly missing in the music industry. It sets the tone for the record, definitely keeping your interest. Some other great songs on the album are “Experiment,” and “Until Then.” “Experiment” is a near spot-on interpretation of Pink Floyd, its almost scary, the slow guitar playing and traumatizing vocals."

“Heart Of Darkness, featuring a slightly heavier sound played in metronomic fashion. This is the best composition on the disc even as it ranges through experimental and psychedelic temperaments.”

“You don't sound like anybody else and that's good. You are not copying anybody...That's totally unique and that's important!”

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“The strong songwriting craftsmanship of the band is also shown in the beautiful crafted lyrics that simply amazed fans when first listening to the band's music.”

“With solid musicianship and some really cool vocals, this four man band is poised to join my list. "People Going Places," the band's current CD showcases a band on the verge on going somewhere good..."People Going Places" is definitely worth several listens. This band deserves some local support!!”