The Pretty Sure / Press

“There is nothing subtle about the Pretty Sure's new EP. From frontman Arlo White's gritty, basement-show vocals to the showstopping guitar to the je-ne-say-what lyrics ("I'll be a werewolf for you, mama") that permeate the entire album, this quartet betrays a distinctly Black Lips attitude and blues-punk aesthetic chased with a good-humored dose of Jet (perhaps that's the "Sabotage" part?). Album standout "Admiral Anything" is an unwashed, unfiltered tribute to Iggy Pop, while "One-Eyed Woman" channels a slightly worse-for-wear version of Wolfmother's "Woman." Predicated on straightforward garage rock turned sloppily on its side, the expansive EP functions like a rowdy, raunchy and ultimately way-too-short live show recorded on disc. If these guys are as urgent on stage as they are on a car stereo, they've got long nights — and longer praise — in store.”

“The Pretty Sure take high-energy indie-pop blues-rock to new heights with their EP Subtle Sabotage. On top of the fact that the album name is absolutely perfect for the music that they play, these mile-high rockers throw down some perfectly placed guitar hooks that get your head boppin’. Their entire style is based around old-school blues, straight out of a basement level Chicago dive bar. Arlo White has the ability to sing like a rock star, or sing like a depressed bluesman after a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey, and a couple times shows both sides of that spectrum in one song. “Admiral Anything,” the second track on the disc, sounds like a sullied Black Keys track covered by Jet. The entire disc is very emotional, and great at painting pictures for the listener. If their live show is as good at provoking feeling and foot tapping as this record, look for The Pretty Sure to become a well-respected staple of Denver’s indie rock scene. ”

“Arlo White is another Denver music community staple. His experimental, edgy and occasionally unlistenable garage rock project, deadbubbles, inspired devoted followers and equally devoted haters during its run, but his latest project, the Pretty Sure, might be the ultimate achievement of his vision. Drawing from the classics (think Animals), dirtying it up with the second wave and third waves (think MC5 and Mudhoney) and then injecting a distinctive bluesy swagger, White and bandmates Jesse Zimmerman (guitar), Billy Beat (drums), Patrick Redman (bass) and Kim 9 (keys) spit out the kind of grinding, growling garage rock that’s left behind after an oil change. If high octane and low brows get your motor running, you won’t want to miss these shows. ”

"The opening guitar riff of Hot Sass, which kicks off The Pretty Sure's debut CD, Subtle Sabotage, isn't the most intricate guitar work ever laid down, but there's something so magnetic about it that grabs the ears and focuses attention for the rest of this short and swanky rock CD. The Denver band calls themselves "high energy, hard energy, dirty dirty, punk blues rock and roll," and their double use of the word dirty is apropos. There's something primal, raw, and well, dirty about this album. Subtle Sabotage clocks in at only 20 minutes, but the amount of grit that is presented in that time is enough to fill a dump truck." 3.5 out of 5 stars

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