The Pretty Dittys / Press

“At times it seemed that the audience was unsure of how to react; perhaps they expected something a bit tamer, but what they got was something that seemed to always be on the brink of destruction. In particular, the lawless nature of lead singer/guitarist A.J Thomas propelled the music to anarchic heights. His shifts from calmer singing to aggressive strumming and wild physical movements, gave him the impression of a madman. Yet through all the madness, there was not a botched ending nor a moment where it was evident that the band had lost their place.”

“With their affinity for exotic sounds and a slightly more eclectic variety of instruments, “The Pretty Dittys” gave the audience a taste of their own version of freaky folk.”

“Saturday, July 28, marks the first ever Brandywine Folk Festival. The event was created by The Brandywine Folk Collective, a community of West Chester area natives who are involved in three different bands: Kit Colt, i am Love, and The Pretty Dittys.”

"West Chester's Pretty Dittys produce an array of attractive yet simple songs by means of intricate workmanship and dedication influenced by genres such as American folk, Eastern European folk and folk jazz."