The Pourmen / Press

“#6 Celtic Rock Album of 2014 for "Too Old to Die Young"”

“The Pourmen as displayed on their debut full-length CD are best described as the musical equivalent of a bunch of hedonistic, lapsed-Catholic, Dorchester-Irish cowboys and whalefisher men, pissed on cheap whiskey and hired as the house band for the baddest dive bar in New Bedford. Punk, Irish, Sea-shanties, outlaw country and Americana – the sound track to that nights barroom brawl. Highlights include pretty much everything on the CD but especially Whaling City, What Did I Drink Last Night? and a really great cover Jackdaw’s Molly.”

“A mighty fine whalin’ band.”

“There are so many standout tracks on Too Old To Die Young it’s almost impossible to pick out just a few plum highlights... There’s no doubt in my mind that The Pourmen are brilliant musicians and songwriters, who seemlessly encapsulate all the trappings of the fast living, hard-drinking, rabble-rousing Derry culture into song with as much integrity and skill as U2 did in embodying the politically volatile side of Irish society into theirs. The difference is The Pourmen are a helluva lot more fun!”

“Appealing to fans of all genres, The Pourmen are a fun band. There is an energetic kick to each song, leading some to dance, some to sing along, some to drink, with others talented enough to pull off all three simultaneously. Hidden beneath these stripped down sounding songs is a band full of rock and rollers who know how and when to let it all hang out... The music is tight and intricate, with a lot of moving pieces to fill out their sound. Paying homage to both Boston and New Bedford, The Pourmen wear their heritage on their sleeves, beaming with hometown pride; a tradition they won’t let die.”

Bobby Forand - Motif Magazine

“I think this is the most romantic song ever because not only is it called "Irish Girl" but what is more romantic than someone remaking a Dead Milkmen song just for you? The Pourmen are from New Bedford, and they put on some great live shows.”

“Keep an eye out for Richie O'Toole and the guys.”

“Brewed in the blustery winters of New Bedford, MA, The Pourmen are a hardy bunch of rabble-rousing musicians that one could only hope to find in a coastal New England Pub. Their LP, "A Little Taste of The Pourmen," is a structurally sound, well-put-together batch of foot pounding tunes. Their sound draws heavily from traditional Irish influences, to Boston Pub Punk... The energy is consistent throughout the album and you have a good idea of how these songs would sound live. The Pourmen are recommended for fans of The Tossers, The Skels, The Pogues, early Dropkick Murphys, Great Big Sea, and The Dubliners.”

Mike Rivkees - Independent Review