The Pour Horse / Press

“Pour Horse = Fiona Apple + Joe Bonamassa Listed as alternative, a spin of Pour Horse’s recent release raises the question: Alternative to what? Hearing the tight knit of funk, R&B, rock, blues and jazz, one must answer: an alternative to “alternative.” Pour Horse is a standing retort to whatever buttless musical twaddle has made alternative synonymous with “generic.” Keyboardist Nik Grainger sings actual soulful melodies—something woefully lacking among male-fronted acts—which he inflects with dark chord voicings. Further, the band arranges keys and guitar (Jeremy Whitesides) as complements rather than mere doubles of one another. Performances of such finesse are only possible from musician’s musicians, and, indeed, other bands comprise the better part of Pour Horse’s audience. More should lend an ear.”

“Local quartet The Pour Horse has been making music for a year and a half. The band is a fusion of two groups that decided they preferred making music together than on their own. Since the decision was made to play music as The Pour Horse, the group has been working hard to build a strong fan base. The music of The Pour Horse is a mixture of rock, funk and blues with a little bit of a jam band-esque feel. Lyrically, the band addresses elements of life that affects each one of us, but they don't take themselves so seriously they can't have a little fun while creating great tracks. We talk to lead vocalist and keyboardist Nik Grainger about the history of the band and why you should plan on checking them out. How did you come up with the band name? Josh and I were playing in Dead Horse Anonymous and had been for a couple of years. Jeremy was playing in the Pour. We added Jeremy to DHA and the Pour added me to their band shortly after. ..... continued”