“Within the past few hours ten tracks have surfaced, any of which would be a pleasure to feature but somehow the precisely three minute long – Utopia seemed very appropriate for its time precision, featuring the signature cliff-edge ending of all the tracks by The Poulsons.For those who haven’t had an opportunity to catch any of the previous articles on the band over the past three years you have missed a musical treat. Able to record more loudly than most can manage they set the volume even louder as the music compresses within itself due to the sheer volume of sound. This is a band that is a Mastering nightmare as they break every rule an engineer will tell you is sacrosanct yet The Poulsons are able, time after time, to prove that rules are meant to be broken as they deploy over-compression and hurled up high bass to demonstrate their point.”

“Amazing songs! Guitar work was great and the track DARKER DREAMS is really cool! Keep doing that! lml -Angelo Daniel”

Angelo Daniel


Daly Redline

“Amazing tracks! All the best for your ventures!”

Magnus Roberts

“Brilliant stuff, love it...Keep up the great work..Big respect from all at Mr Pity band :)”

Mr Pity

“Darker Dreams rocks. Great sound. Cheers!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden

"Darker Dreams" is a Great tune! Enjoying my listen here. ~Mykoman


“Hey, I am listening now to Motorman! You definitely can find the Joy Division influence there. It is a great song all worthy of Unknown Pleasures but with the additional m...”

The Lower Earlies

“loving darker dreams tonight guys”

Blurrd Vision

“Oh, I love this right from the start! Refreshing, great sound. Original, it's a breath of fresh air!!! VERY well done!”

Paul Highland

"Fire and fear" is an epic showcase of who you are as an artist and your massive talent! Much Love xoxo


“Wow!! F*#!k Yeah!!! LUV it!!”

Bag of Cats

“Your new album "Fire & Fear" reaches my primal core - excites my receptors - & fills me with the power of rock-n-roll! You are amazing!”

Bag of Cats

“Great Band.. Im feeling the busy guitar the dark voice.. and the upbeat keyboard. It all blends extraordinarily well.”

Myth-Ra Raised

“EXCELLENT...this is the kind of rock I love. Just love "Motorman"...superb riffs. Fantastic guys.”

Steve Inglis

“The complete Brit rock package! Genuine, modern and vintage at the same time. Cheers!!!”

Sebby Boy

“So edgy and mysterious. Awesome.”

Silversun Shotgun

“PAUL DUNN - SONGW... "Find Yourself"...great track! Very good songs, vocals and instrumental performances here! ~Paul”


"dearker dreams" has a wonderful dark groove. clasical riff and excellent playing. pure rock and roll.

Attack Karma

“Thank you for your kind words. I am diggin your music. Keep the great work comin -Thomas”

Dark Tome Records

“rock on guys!”


“GREAT STUFF!! The Logs Love the poulsons!!!”

The Logs

“ Good alternative rock/techno vibe in your music! Very fun. Thank you for becoming a fan of Civil Action. Please share us in The UK, and we'll share you here!”

Civil Action

“It gets me hype! love it guys! ”

Wreckless Endeavor 501

“Superb work, extremely cool and slick.”

Mark Raven

“GERMISTON - Awesome indie feel. I like the raw edge. Almost has a live feel. Cool originality. Stay awesome.”

Ashton Haze

“great tracks!!! raw and punky!!! ”

JON EDWARDS (songwriter/composer)

“Fire 'N' Fear is frickin' awesome. Such aggressive guitars and energy, but somehow laid back at the same time! ”

SpEnt fiXer

“I agree with everyone here! I'm listening to "Darker Dreams"!! Very energetic, groovy rockin! I dig your music, best wishes for success! Peace, DAwn”

Shocking Dawn

“VERY creative songsmithing! A total 80's new wave immersion with a cool twist that is all your own! Keep rocking and let us know when your across the pond! ”

Mister Richter

“Thank you for the support! You have a great sound and terrific musical energy! Enjoyed your tracks and talented vocals and instrument work! I wish you much success!”

Slam Horse

“Fire n fear playing here in RO. A big great hello to you. Nice flowing good rock sounds. Be well ”


“listening to your new songs - top tunes fellas! ”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment

"Motorman" awesome work with that special UK vibe we love here in So. Florida! Cheers, Patricia


“I love your music! Keep it up! My favourite track is' motorman ' - Luna”

Luna Reign

“Rockin the weekend with your superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska

“Sounding Great In Ur Own Way ,Ur Music Has A Blend Of Jesus & Mary Chain With A Touch Of Joy Division Mixed In ! Awesome Work Here Guys As U Guessed It .Its The Poulsons. Godbless Ur Music :-)) From Mactrak Recordings”

Mactrak Recordings

“Niiice - like what you're doing, listening to Motorman now... Cheers! Ray O”

Ray O

“Fermented Sloths Still listening to Darker Dreams a bunch. Sweet tune. ”

Fermented Sloths

“Muzopia 'Darker Dreams' is excellent! you have something special”


“Cumby is damn cool. Diggin your music this morning. Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith

“Who Cares! ...Awesome! -Rob”


“Playing Darker Dreams. What an awesome track... total drive and awesome energy.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist

“'yesterdays gone' ... how wonderful is that. Loving the jangles and the clarity. Great song writing. Cool layered guitar sounds. All the best ~ kappi”


“Great music especially 'Yesterday's Gone' !! Wishing you the best :) ”

Fiona MacMahon

“Great work guys, "Stupidity" is very cool. All the best :) ”

Binary DNA

“Fight the system!!!!!!!!!!!!! great !!!!! ”


“Who Cares is a cool track !”


“'Who cares' is a great tune!”

Themis Nakas' Recesion

“YOU ROCK CLINT!!! M.L.F.L emily”


“Your Great boss! More power! You rule!”


“listening to darker dreams superb edgy song goodwork:D”


“Wow, you guys are simply great. I'm surprised I haven't come across you before!! I love "Tell". You have a really unique sound but I can hear influences, influences that I love. Best, Dan/TheWorkers”


“Really different with those lively keyboards. Great energy.”


“Hey! Awesome high-energy rock n'roll of yours, really enjoyed listening! :) Thanx for the friendship, have a nice Weekend! Cheers /H”

Together alone

"Darker Dreams"..Cool! -rob


“enjoyed darker dreams today!”

Rick millward

“totally diggin your sound of sharp, punchy Stooges-like fast rockers blending with some tasty new wave synth style..works a treat on tracks like "stupidity" and really diggin that vocal and lyric for "darker dreams"..that sound is killer!”

Mike white presents

“Very cool sound guys! I love the synth sounds! Vocals are really cool! Cool instrumentation as well. Very eclectic and some nice pure rock at the same time! "Darker Dreams" is a very cool tune!”

present day bliss

“Hell yeah...Darker Dreams is an amazing song! I love the synthesizer- adds a really cool dimension to the groove. Sep 20”

zeus rooster

“My head is buzzing with "darker dreams" and "Stupidity." Wild.”

Howard lawrence

“'Darker Dreams' Rocks... very nicely done track friends. Cheers to you all”


“'Darker Dreams' sounds great! I dig the punk edge.”

laurie miller