The Polkanauts / Press

"Turns out, even Slayer sounds better with an accordion!"

“Here comes the mighty Polkanauts. Playing this Saturday, Jan. 10, at 8 p.m., these guys have to be seen live to be believed – they are that dope. Heavy metal polka, yet still traditional enough to play all the old favorites (“Roll out the Barrel,” “Milwaukee Polka,” “In Heaven there is No Beer” and many more), they also cover Black Sabbath, Slayer,.. and Enuff Z’ Nuff. Donning their blaze orange jumpsuits, they look like they are about to board the space shuttle; instead they embark upon a cross genre journey between Metal/ Rock/Pop and Polka. Spread the word. ”

Rocky Mnt News

“Wandering south along Broadway toward the festival's main grounds, I happened upon one of the most enjoyable surprises of the four-day event. The Polkanauts' early afternoon set at Club 404 offered equal doses of kitsch and straightforward musicianship. The trio's set comprised an unadorned tribute to polka, a genre that's known better times in the pop culture psyche. But fads didn't phase the Polkanauts. Decked in orange jumpsuits festooned with patches bearing knockoff NASA logos, the trio proudly busted out a hybrid of traditional European polka structures and an in-your-face punk attitude worthy of the Pogues. The group's attitude alone was enough to pull the sounds out of the annals of western European lore and make it immediate and dynamic. The trio offered a foot-stomping version of "Just Because," apparently one of the genre's most successful entries into the pop charts. Still buzzing with the contagious effect of the Polkanauts' set, I made my way to ......A.H. Goldstein ”

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