tHE POLES / Press

“Todd Lemiesz is easily one of the most focused and incredible singers that this decade has produced thus far. This band has produced a debut album that is bound to be on many "best of" lists by year's end.”


“The Poles have rare ability to compose murky, brooding music without sounding self-indulgent or self-pitying. Twelve Winds is an intriguing release from a band to pay careful attention to, for they offer something very rare right now: a sense of true originality.”

Jersey Beat

“These guys are the coolest-sounding band that has come out in the last year. If you are looking for a band to break up the monotony of everyday sounds, these dudes got it nailed down.”

Slug Magazine

“It's official: The days of highly-crafted, guitar-oriented loud music is back. The Poles make some fine noise, the sort of technical, throbbing fare that tends to excite both the intellect and the senses.”

Aiding & Abetting

“Genres be damned, this is a CD for those who just plain love rock.”

The Bold Life