The Pocket Co. / Press

"they are way too diverse to pigeonhole into one genre...they are amazingly talented musicians, with each band member taking turns at solos on their respective instruments: guitar, bass, piano, drums, or bad-ass vocal solos."

"If you’ve tired on every little punk band sounding like carbon copies of each other and long for the days of old school rock and roll, prepare yourselves for Saturday Night at Morley Gibson’s...raw, beautiful, intricate, and seriously rock-and-roll."

Elaine Wiltshire - Scene And Heard

"boogies along its own merry way blurring the lines between rock, pop, soul, blues and jazz, never conforming to any one idiom, rather forming its own lines and its own sounds."

Zeitgeist Magazine

"The Pocket Co. brings groove to the fore in this debut...through some hammering electric guitar and strong backing vocals."

The Advocate (Tasmania)