The Pleasure Victims / Press

“The Pleasure Victims recently released the video and single, "Broken," and it is a hell of a rock 'n' roll delight and a tantalizing preview. The song truly shows off the individual talents of lead singer Ginger Fields, guitarist Cody James, bassist Nigel L'Amour, and drummer Randalite. Each has moments in the spotlight, and the song is expertly mixed so that you can switch your attention between instruments and have no trouble at all. There is, of course, a shining star in Fields' viciously wonderful vocal delivery. I do have to give a specific shout-out to L'Amour, because that bass makes my soul race — and that's a rare thing these days. This is straight-up rock, and I am quite curious how the entire record will sound. It's promised to be released soon, and it may turn out to be one of the best rock records of whatever year it calls home. The video is as entertaining as the song is engaging, featuring the bands dressed up and running around familiar sites in Tempe or playing”

“The headliner is The Pleasure Victims. They were my first choice to play this event. Not only is their name taken from Berlin’s second album, but this sexy group brings a new dimension to rock music that brings in a slice of late ’70s punk to ’80s synth rock with today’s mind splashed all over. Their suggestive songs and likewise performance from lead singer Ginger Fields will lighten up the room. She’s on synthesizer and acoustic guitar, too. Outlaw Cody James brings an amazing talent to the guitar that will be on display in every song, which is a true treat to behold. Nigel L’Amour is the four-string lover laying down the groove that gives the band its jive. He also plays the synthesizer. And keeping it all in place on the skins is Randalite. What I also like about the band is that everyone sings along. They’re a real fun band to watch and even the way they describe themselves (alternative/theater/drama rock) plays into what you can expect to see and hear Saturday nigh”

“Their sound is late 90s alternative rock stylized by the guitar and vocals. The music they play is bass-heavy and, in total, is specific to their genre. The Pleasure Victims’ stage presence was energetic and passionate.”

“I was oh so incredibly impressed! They have a sexy sound with a dark edge. (Their music) stands the gamut of all kinds of cool influences of alternative, indie, and dance-rock.”