The Please & Thank Yous / Press

“The record is a unique mix of pop-punk and emo that TPATY seem to have mastered after spending so long working on their sound and dealing with a “revolving door of bassists and 2nd guitar players,” as frontman Geoff Schott puts it. With influences like Alkaline Trio, Homegrown, The Lawrence Arms, and Jawbreaker, TPATY manage to keep their sound fairly mature while still writing catchy songs, something that many pop-punk bands struggle with.”

“One of the things I enjoyed most about listening to At Your Merci, the new album from Chicago’s The Please & Thank Yous, is that I could perfectly envision a group of friends [messing] around with fast, blaring music in a buddy’s basement and having a great time doing it. At Your Merci may not sound like it was recorded at an EMI studio or anything, but I quickly found this to be its appeal. I know the words are tossed around a lot, but it sounds real and is incredibly genuine. Just look at the album cover; it looks like one of their friends made it for them, and yet most importantly, it works. Besides talks on purity, the most weighty consideration is the fact that they’re good. Really, really good. Uptempo speeds and piercing guitar lines drive most of the songs, and the classic hard rock melodies that act as the foundation for them make the record more recognizable and quicker to pick up on. Their lyrics are also sportive, perhaps sometimes quirky...”

““Mind Yr P’s & Q’s, shows a rare respect of pop-punk and power-pop musical history that melds a diverse range of influences into a single bright point. You can hear the same careful attention in every minute of this record, which sadly departed bands like the Ergs!, Sicko and J Church were known for without sounding exactly like any of them[…].”