The Plastic Pals / Press

"Opener Here Comes the Sun is a perfect example of their ability to produce vibrant and visceral songs which tap straight into rock's collective unconscious."

"...bursting with vitality and crunching Mod-pop energy without feeling the need to wear a Target T-shirt, it signals the opening of a fine, wholly consistent two guitars, bass and drums record which is cut from durable rock'n'roll cloth without ever sounding horribly derivative."

"...great retro mixture molded into something new...Sixties pop, psychadelia, Blue Öyster Cult, Television, and yes it feels clean and rough at the same time."

"...a young and horny Costello and Velvet Underground if they would have been focused on melodies instead of drugs."

“Anyone who could imagine Chris Spedding fronting Television would understand. ”

“On their homepage this Stockholmbased band, founded in 2005, are listing Television, Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), Lou Reed, Velvet Underground and The Flamin’ Groovies, and thus raising high expectations. Fortunately, they have both the skills and the taste to add up to these.”

“Four songs are to be found on this EP, released on the band´s own label, and they all drag the ghost of Tom Joad all through the golden sixties into the present.”

“This has been the most laid back and relaxing music I´ve had the pleasure of listening to this year. These guys are no three button types, nor are they ace faces, but by heck they make good music! And that´s what counts in the end after all.”

“A groovy touch of melodic magic and a sense of darkness one just vaguely senses...”