The Plaine Truth / Press

“The band released “Alive”, a five song EP in mid-2010 and has been supporting it in the NYC scene ever since. “Alive” is a well paced EP as it starts off with the title track which introduces you to The Plaine Truth’s sound. While the opening track starts with more rock than soul, the band gradually begins to move away from the regular rock song you thought you were listening to and into the deeper, more complex sound that has become their signature. By the time you make it to the other side of the solid guitar solo, you’re in another place all together.”

“There's nothing plain about The Plaine Truth. The band has a keen ear for melody and an ability to craft songs that insinuate themselves into your brain and refuse to leave. Alive is a splendid introduction, the sort that will have you checking the band's website on a regular basis to find out when the next album/ep is coming out. Don't miss out on The Plaine Truth.”