The Pizza Kings / Press

“Drivin’ To Vegas - The Pizza Kings ~ Why I Like Them: There is some thing about this song that makes me think of Tom Petty. While not a slow jam it has a fairly relaxed pace. I can see this song on a road playlist. There is some really great guitar work happening almost countryish but not quite.”

“ I absolutely love the sound and lyrical work these guys create. Its like a personal comfort zone for me. I just find I enjoy what they are doing so much that distractions aren't possible. ”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

“This band is as tight as they come. Absolutely great tunes! Hook-laden, memorable and impossible to ever tire of. The musicianship is fantasticand the vocals are amazing. A GREAT LISTEN !!!”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

“TPK-This band throws in a variety of styles that gives their tunes a different take on traditional Rock!I dig this bands style, attitude and musical abilities!! From the bluesy, soulful country style singing with crisp acoustic guitars to move you along with the groove,and also Smokin lead guitar solos that rock you to another place in time!!..”

Dr Flya - ReverbNation

“This is true universal sound on some of these tracks. My fav. is "Down to Nothin"... this track was put 2gether nicely.. that guitar solo was crazy in this song. "Joey's Dirty Litle Job" has a funk sound too it.. loved it. And the first 2 bars of that "Don't Water" track grabbed me into the song.. nicely written. Stay consistent fellas.”

“Looks like a very nice team you have. I actually enjoyed all the available tracks and there is a smile on my face. The simplicity, the creativity, the heart, and the professional sound makes everything interesting and enjoyable. I am glad to meet you. Gilles.”