The Piniellas / Press

“*The Piniellas, Without a Fight (out now, self-released, reverbnation.com/thepiniellas): These Ramones-loving nice guys serve up a platter of throwback riffs, mashing up early-'60s innocence ("I want to be with a rock-'n'-roll girl") with the derelict, rebellious instrumentation of NYC punk. CHRIS KORNELIS (Fri., April 6, 2 Bit Saloon) * (Highly Recommended)”

“The Piniellas is one of the groups of Leif Pacemaker, who also played with The Shy Ones and was also in the brilliant Greatest Hits. Finally released their first EP. Energy Ramoniana with lots of melody. Something like the Yum Yums. Apply listening to "Just Give In", a great song in the making. The last one is Rock & Roll Girl by Paul Collins.”

“The Piniellas: This local trio counts the Ramones as its main influence, and it shows in their catchy, throwback punk tunes. Skylark 8pm.”

"Like seeing The Ramones playing unreleased new songs. The songs are so catchy you'll find yourself singing along to them when you've never heard them before!"

Dave Berkham - The CRY!