The Pinder Brothers / Press

“Every so often, a record comes along that remembers what pop music used to be, and can lift your spirits. By the end of the first four minutes of the record, you have a pretty good idea that “Melancholy Sea” is going to be a warm and inviting record. It's refreshing to hear a group trying their hand at songs that don't all follow the same boiler-plate pattern, while still retaining a core sound that ties them together.”

“American duo The Pinder Brothers are one of those bands who excel in beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies...”

“The Pinder Brothers know exactly how to land a pop uppercut. Keeping this in boxing terms, Ordinary Man is a pretty clean knockout. The Pinder Brothers don't shy away from the big hooks. So it's no surprise that they reel you in every time.”

“The brothers Pinder are back with their second disc, Ordinary Man, and fans of artists who place sweet melodies and harmonies paramount are going to enjoy this one quite a bit. The Pinders "Dear Diane" is the kind of near-perfect sunny California pop that will hook you in from the get-go.”

“If you are a fan of well written pop music in the same vein as CSN, Simon & Garfunkel, or even Crowded House, this is a band you will absolutely love.”

“Both Matt Pinder and Mike Lee Pinder have pop music running through their veins. Actually, the closest sound the Pinders have is to The Rembrandts. This is smooth easy going pop full of romantic subtext. There are some true gems here. Both albums here are recommended.”