The Pilgrims / Press

". . .highlights the Pilgrims’ talent for arranging extreme rockers and playing them extremely well."

“There is something disarmingly honest about this band; they play music that sounds emotional and raw.”

“Still, I’m pulling for the Pilgrims. Their 2011 record, Nobility, released on What Doth Life, was one of my local favorites last year. And I also just want to see a punk band do well in a battle-of-the-band competition for once.”

"The brisk, six-song EP is a rollicking, punk-tinged rock-and-roll introduction to a surprisingly vibrant rock scene off I-91. The disc kicks off with “American Eyes,” which grabs hold with unabashed ’80s rock swagger and doesn’t let go. Vocalist Chris “Rusty” Goulet has a meaty, high-toned delivery that well suits his band’s no-frills, torn-denim aesthetic. His interplay with fellow guitarist Davis “Daggers” McGraw proves he’s a capable axeman to boot. "