The Photo Atlas / Press

“Dance Punk Panic Attack/ Throughout Honeytrap, the band pushes their boots-’n’-pants drum beats just above comfortable dancing tempos and seal the nervous package with venomous guitar lines and Alan Andrews’ hypersexual yelps”

“Dance Punk Panic Attack/ The Photo Atlas are too consistently awesome all the time”

“The Photo Atlas will show you why being in a band is so much fun. With a guitar line that stings like a bee and vocals reminiscent of Conor Oberst's early punk days "Swear I'm Innocent" pounds from note one.”

"The Photo Atlas sports an aggressive indie punk sound... a frenetic Brit rock dance punk amalgam, a blazing cross between Fugazi and Gang of Four."


"The Photo Atlas are getting better with every release. Their mixture of Faint hyperactivity and pop choruses has truly blossomed since No, Not Me, Never."

Absolute Punk

"Alan Andrews' taut vocal stylings create an acute urgency that leads off "Class Of 2012" and resonates well into "It's Always About The Money.""

Alternative Press

"Rarely do EPs contain so much meat. Each of To Silently Provoke The Ghost’s five songs crams angular riffs into driving drums."

Absolute Punk

"No, Not Me, Never is like asking for a large pack of angular riffs with a super-sized side of dance beats."


"No, Not Me, Never is by far one of the year's finest discs... The effect is seismic on the dance floor."


"Sharp-edged post-punk a la Franz Ferdinand and The Rapture is at its most vulnerable in the Photo Atlas."

ABC News

"one of twenty-two underground bands that likely won't stay underground for long."

Alternative Press