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“The first song I heard was “Hearse Surfin’.” Now, if you’re looking for surf music done like The Ventures, this is not it. It begins with a pounding drum beat and then goes into this all-out assault on the instruments. If you’re not a fan of reverb, this song may get you to change your mind. With about a minute left in the song, the bass comes on strong. How strong? You know that song “The Distance” by CAKE that mentions “bowel-shaking earthquakes?” Well, the bass isn’t exactly an earthquake, but it will shake your bowels. And if you like that, just listen to the bass at the beginning of “She Left Her Brain at the Drive-In.” The bass in this song is likely to get you to feel something in your gut too. I’ll admit it. I’m hooked on the explosion of sound that is The Phantomatics and if they ever come this way, I am going to check them out. I’m sure the live show is amazing.”

“Hearse Surfin'; Go Phantomatics Go; She Left Her Brain at the Drive In; Phantomatic Twist; The Good The Bad & The Mummy; Death Waltz in Bm (live)... Six great original guitar rockers from San Antonio's horror surf band on their debut set. There's a lot of 'B' movie rock in this - the title track has its influence in The Ventures In Space set we imagine, but way punked up! Bright Dick Dale trilled and well drummed "Hearse Surfin'" is a whopping starter on this strong mini album from The Phantomatics. The boys hang in with good surf runs everywhere and play them with real enthusiasm. Their "Go Phantomatics Go" is a rocking highlight from a great set for surf guitar fans out there. We loved it! **** (Davy)”

“Spooky surf is how this fear-some three-some describe their sound. Exactly two year ago this month, David Jimenez, guitarist, Gareth Farr, Bass, and Joe Ortiz, drums, bean riding the waves of the local music scene. They have caught some gnarly waves in Austin and Del Rio too. They Have opened for Exene Cervenka and will be opening for Canada's The Creepshow on October 24th at the Korova. You can also catch them at Jack's Patio on Oct. 15. Night Rocker Live on Oct. 22nd and at Boneshakers on Halloween night, Oct 31st. Their debut CD, "She Left Her Brain at the Drive-in", has been in the works for several months and should be unleashed soon. With song titles like "Hearse Surfin'', "Zombie Stomp", and "The Good, The Bad, and The Mummy", this instrumental surf-rock band doesn't need lyrics to get you shivering-they let their music and imagination do the talking.”

Tony Chainsaw - Backbeat Magzine

“The Phantomatics, self-proclaimed kings of instrumental “horror surf” or “spooky surf,” are one of the most interesting names on the lineup. They’re fresh from releasing their album The Phantomatics in ‘She Left Her Brain at the Drive-In’ with a party at Nightrocker Live in February, and will play the basement stage at 10:45 p.m. The band just got back from playing at the Southwest Fest again (incidentally, that was the event where the Phantomatics played live for the first time), and are working to make themselves better known locally. “As for what the future has in store for us, that still remains to be seen,” guitarist David Phantomatic told the Current. “We’re just planning on working on some groovy new tunes, booking shows, and continuing our never-ending quest to keep San Antonio spooky.””