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“If the notion of a doo wop album of Dylan songs seems weird, then you get the concept of the Persuasions. Where most cover projects might make a deep, introspective reading of the lyrics, The Persuasions turn it into a gospel revival...Social consciousness on tunes like “Blowing In The Wind” and “All Along The Watchtower” is tempered by tight percussive voices...Each arrangement is concise and showcases the group’s innate sense of soulful harmonics. “...Unlike most tribute albums, “Knockin’ On Bob’s Door” adapts the music to the milieu of the Persuasions, not vice versa. For anyone interested in the profundity of a capella, this is a great place to start." To read full review visit thepersuasions.net”

Robbie Gerson - Audiophile Audition Web Magazine

“If you want a tribute to a musical icon that takes a completely fresh take on his work, pick up the Persuasions new album Knockin' On Bob's Door, (on ZOHO)... On the new CD, dedicated to the songs of Bob Dylan, they perform without any musical instruments songs that have become known through their arrangements. After all, Dylan himself had some of the best studio bands in the business as well as working with the Band and it's hard to imagine, for example, "Positively 4th Street" or "like a Rolling Stone" without Al Kooper's keyboard work or, for that matter, "All Along the Watchtower" without Jimi Hendrix's voice and guitar. The Persuasions do both of these and do not minimize the bile in the first (as some of his interpreters do) nor the spookiness of the second, which is as eerie as Schubert's "Erlking." On the other hand, "Blowing in the Wind" sounds more like a gospel tune and "Forever Young" is blithely inspirational.”

Barry Bassis - Town & Village - Arts Beat

“...With Knockin’ on Bob’s Door, The Persuasions bring their five-part harmonies to one of the greatest catalogues in all of music. Given the depths of Bob Dylan’s material, the band decided to concentrate on his most famous songs from the 1960s, including “Like A Rolling Stone,” “Blowing in the Wind,” “Just Like A Woman,” and “Lay Lady Lay.” From the opening track, “Mr. Tambourine Man,” The Persuasions’ crisp, tight harmonies quickly draw attention. “All Along the Watchtower” journeys to a place previously unvisited, with percussive vocals that call to mind everything from New York City traffic to the noises of the African jungle. Equally impressive is the unique interpretation of “Quinn the Eskimo (The Might Quinn),” with The Persuasions mimicking the sounds of an amateur brass band trumpeting Quinn’s arrival. If you are a Dylan fan, or a fan of great vocal harmonies, consider Knockin’ on Bob’s Door an absolute must-hear.”

Fred Adams - Honest Tune - The Southern Journal of Jam

“The Persuasions is already known for it’s a cappella tributes to the Grateful Dead, The Beatles and even Frank Zappa. Now, with Knockin’ On Bob’s Door, the soulful group uses its smooth five-part harmonies to rework the words of the Tambourine Man, Bob Dylan. The ever-popular Dylan and The Band collaboration, “The Mighty Quinn,” is a particular highlight, as the group’s members use their voices to recreate the sound of a brass band. Staples like “All Along the Watchtower” and “Like a Rolling Stone” are also reworked into vocal-only rockers. While the melodies of Dylan’s songs are beautiful and his harmonica skills are unmatched, what he was admired most for was his lyrical genius--and a cappella singing is a fantastic way to showcase that. ”

Abigail Bull - Relix Magazine

“MIDWEST RECORD PERSUASIONS/Knockin' on Bob's Door: With the group's 50th anniversary sneaking up, they've turned their acapella moves to the Dylan songbook. Dylan might have converted to Christianity on his own but it's fun the way this crew takes him to church, as well as the street corner. You're dealing with two known entities here so how much you'll enjoy it isn't even a surprise either. Juicier than the Witmark demos, this isn't a historical artifact, it's fun, especially if you are a fan of either. 201011 Volume 34/Number 9 November 9, 2010 CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher ”

Chris Spector - MIDWEST RECORD

“KNOCKIN' ON BOB'S DOOR CD REVIEW "...That it works so well is a testament to the band’s sublime vocal skills. For example, they capture the dark drama of "All Along the Watchtower" through the strength of the complex arrangement, which is pretty tough given that song’s chugging guitar rhythms. (Think of Jimi Hendrix’s version for example.) And "Just Like a Woman" becomes a soul tour de force thanks to Dave Revels torching vocal. But probably most impressive of all is the fun the Persuasions have with this music. In the end it’s the ultimate honor — and irony — that great vocalists would see fit to dissemble Dylan’s music and reconstruct as something so distinct." -Rod Lockwood ”