The Persevering Promise / Press

“Along with some staples of the post-hardcore genre the quartet are able to string together heavy bridges, breakdowns and instrumentation over Williams’ quick feet and classically trained technicality. With these qualities and the band members personal flairs this makes for one of the most solid EPs I’ve heard all year.”

“THE PERSEVERING PROMISE Fake is Not a Pretty Color EP Review - Playing on the simplicities that tend to be genre landmarks for post-hardcore music, the band doesn’t solely rely on “artistic” safety nets — like synthesizers and overt humor. Whether this is done intentionally or because of a lack of resources, it makes for a no-nonsense sound that plays on the inherent strengths of post-hardcore without hiding behind predictable and obnoxious flairs. (JS)”

“Despite the word "Hardcore" it the name of the bands genre, the music is much more than screaming and thrashing! Every single person in the band is equally motivated. making the band ten fold greater"”

Alan Solan - Moscow-Pullman Daily News