The Pedal Stills / Press

“While its foundation is rock n’ roll, this record dips through some jammier grooves, pop tendencies, and a splash of americana to boot. Static Queen is the type of record that has a little something for everyone.”

“There is quite possibly only one thing on the minds of The Pedal Stills' ambitious line-up-to take on the world. Since arriving just a year ago from the plains of South Carolina and the swamps of Louisiana, the soulful rock act has striven to achieve greatness in one of the world's most competitive music scenes. With only a year under their belts in the Music City circuit, The Pedal Stills have managed to mark their stamp on some of the area's high-valued clubs. Venues such as, The Basement, The Rutledge, and Exit/In (to name a few) have greeted them with open arms and allowed for the unique blend of 90's pop and high-energy soul-rock to be showcased to hundreds of new fans and friends. In an effort to mix in 'new tunes', the band has activated a campaign that they like to call 'demo days'.....”