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“Like a blast from the past your music will last.In this moment in time your sound is so fine.Its like a real gold mine,just in time to make your situation fine.Very interesting music with a lots of flavor.Im going to pass it on to all my neighbors.Let me know whats up.Keep in touch.Thanks.Cheerio Mattie.”

the lord of Lightning - Great !!!

“Nice song writing on Sweet Leighanne! Really good development & strong lyrics...kept me captivated all the way through. Please keep in touch. Best wishes, -Lisa”

Lisa M Kato - Lisa from California,U.S

“Wow did I enjoy your sound. I can't wait to hear more. Thanks for letting me be a part of your world. Best wishes.”

Don Nivens . U.S - wellcome

“...but right from the start "Sweet-leighanne" was one of those tracks that makes you want to sit there and listen to the whole thing...Awesome Job guys -Great vocal harmonies and excellent Guitar solo in the backround track there - Not many artists impress me and you guys did a great Job right off the bat ! ..Keep up the awesome work man !”

Rob Mazurek - nice

“You are the best band ive heard on this site, period. i love the fact the you have a rich vintage sound that is timeless. keep up the awesome work, and in the future when im well established i hope to collaborate with you.”

“New Song * It´s All about Love * - raw version * Enjoy , PeaCe n <3”

The PeaCe Band - New Release