The Paul Pierce Project / Press

“: Hi Paul, Love your track The Other Man which is play listed for my show next Mon. From 11am to 1pm Irish time.”

“Now my opinion. One word. Great! I listened and nearly every track I was impressed with either the lyrics, the arrangement or both. Excellent "first?" release. Keep it up! I hope you'll share this news and my station info with friends, family and those involved with the production of your music featured on Jazzy Lounge Radio”

“Paul takes a page out of the Huey Lewis book of success for Piece of My Heart. It is a collection of 13 retro jazz-rock tunes a la Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers complete with catchy guitar riffs and sax accents. Pierce makes it current with threads of pop culture on "Keep A Secret". We also liked "Breakdown" and "The Other Man". ”

The O's Place

“Pierce My Heart (self-released, paulpierceproject.webs.com) by The Paul Pierce Project is the best Steely Dan album since the Dan’s Everything Must Go in 2003. It’s a fascinating musical excursion when you consider the fact that Pierce, a singer/songwriter/drummer, uses the Dan template—the funk, the lyrics, the vocals, the arrangements—in which to present his originals. Hey, I’m not complaining. It’s a keeper. I wonder if Donald Fagen’s heard it.”