The Patti Fiasco / Press

“The Fort Collins, CO-based outfit has a strong roots and folk background coming out of Wyoming, led by the mighty vocals of frontwoman Alysia Kraft. Their style is a wonderful combination of classic country and all-out rock n roll. You hear old-school traditional sounds mingled with crunchy rock guitar and assorted instruments not typically used to make rock (can you say electric dobro ?). They craftily cover all ends of the spectrum with a versatile balance of electrifying pop energy and country/rootsy twang.”

“Finally, The Patti Fiasco’s self-titled Full-length album arrives as one of the strongest Colorado albums of 2011 for our kind of music…It’s not simply good Colorado music, it’s good music period. ”

Scott Foley - Routes & Branches 88.9 KRFC

“Any town that has cool bands like Fierce Bad Rabbit, the Patti Fiasco and Mama Lenny and the Remedy is doing something right.”

“Put Kraft on stage with her guitar and microphone, alongside the rest of the band members, and watch out...”

Nikki Kushner - OutFront Colorado

“The Patti Fiasco's new album was #1 in spins for the month of July on Fort Collins' public radio station, KRFC. 'Nobody's Girl' was the most played single of the month.”


"Amazing musicians, a little “rock and roll” attitude, and a front woman that is seething with talent and energy (and not too hard on the eyes either). Fort Collins, prepare to be rocked."

"Fine country rock with some major star power upfront in singer Alysia Kraft. Watch the video at http://rrtribe.com/pattifiasco "These guys are a major label band waiting to happen. Front woman Alysia Kraft has star quality pouring out of her. Really good live, and I'm typically not a fan of the genre."

“The Patti Fiasco's five-song EP, "No Bridges", was named one of Coloradoan's Top 10 Colorado Albums of 2010.”

“This year, the title of best belongs to The Patti Fiasco. The five-piece western-rock outfit hit Hodi’s with guns ablaze, dousing fans in a bourbon-laced cocktail of gritty country style and fiery outlaw rock. Throw in some sweet-tongued ballads, an unshakable charisma, and a host of very dedicated fans, and there were few other options for first place....The songs alone, with just enough twang, pop sensibility and outlaw charm, were enough to leave the bartender lonely in the next room. The Patti Fiasco’s performance rode this compositional quality like a wild horse, displaying a natural energy and confidence that would surely make John Wayne (or even John Denver) a little jealous.”

“SpokesBUZZ, a Fort Collins non-profit organization dedicated to building global awareness of the music and art coming out of Fort Collins, selected Patti Fiasco as one of their supported bands in 2010/2011.”

“It’s like Alice Cooper with spurs and a six gun, after a really good piece of cake. After seeing their show at Herman’s Hideaway in June, I decided to ask for an interview…and what an interview I got!....So go check these guys out ASAP, killer tunes, and an even better show!”