The Paperclips / Press

“The Paperclips' gritty blues-rock might reflect the spirit of the Mississippi Delta, but local roots will forever tie the band to the Show Me State.”

“...their style has a pinch of polish and a ring of of modernity to it, but it is unique, it is delicious, and it is bluesy.”

“...Another one Laura hipped me to, The Paperclips, hailing from Kansas City, really impressed me. With a no call no show on the bill, The Paperclips and Ruby Dog played long sets that stretched out of their normal material. I waited for the lap steel and I was rewarded. Good fun for a Sunday night.”

“...there wasn’t a single person in the bar whose eyes weren’t fixed forward. Despite the state of the bar minutes before, it seemed the conversation on everyone’s lips was based solely on the band that occupied the stage.”

“Leave the loafers at the office, and bring your dancing shoes...”