The papaGG Band / Press

“Thanks for coming to the school. I believe that the families & most especially the children loved your songs. One child, who's family bought your tape already know the words to your song. We played some of the CD in class today for the 1st time & she was singing along with you!!! Pretty cool, huh?”

Janet Wheeler, Community Montessori School - papaGG Fan Email

“The children and I enjoy the songs very much. I heard about the CD on the Montessori Moms Music website. I am very much looking forward to the companion CD! ”

Michele Pflaum - papaGG Fan Email

“The other week I put on some music while the kids were working, & one says, "That sounds like PapaGG." Another says, "It sounds like your friend who came & sang with us." So I reminded them that it doesn't just sound like him...it is him! We all want to know when you can come back again?”

Mrs. Sharon Davis, First Grade Teacher, Verrado Elementary - Facebook

“The new Kindergarden Class cannot wait to hear papaGG! We are eagerly awaiting your visit!”

Amy Burns, Associate Director of Music - St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, AZ

“I ordered through the site you sent me to CDBaby, which had the link to down load as well as order CD. I am so excited to get this CD. I am so excited someone created this wonderful CD. ”

Peggy DeLucia - South Shore Montessori, TX