The Outlaws Of Zen / Press

“Well if you like the sound of that you will love their new EP - Don’t Bothering Getting Up, We’ll Let Ourselves In - A 5 song and 23 minute blast of top-notch Stoner Rock Riffage. The vocals have a great DIY Rock/Punk Rock/Garage Rock vibe from the 70's but paired against superb modern Stoner Metal riffs. Look this is fucking brilliant. End of. What is even better the guys are giving this away for Download on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. So get downloading now. You won't regret it. This is one party you don't mind the band gate-crashing your party, upsetting the guests, drinking all your booze and leaving your house in a mega fucking state. It's seriously that fucking cool. Highly Recommended.”

“Finally what are the future plans for the band? Joe - I want our band on on Lunch boxes, Urinal cakes, our own brand of Outlaw Guns. I want our music in adult movies around the world. Getting invited to some porn award shows, and winning a golden dong, is way better than an Oscar. And now.......Best music in a Double penetration Choke scene goes to..............The Outlaws of ZEN!!!! OMG!!! We are winners!!!! I would like to thank the following.........................................................”

“February 11th, 2012, at The Vault in Bay City, MI The Outlaws Pulverized the crowd with their brand of galvanizing heavy metal. The groups guitarist, Korey Gillespie, spat out riff after awesome riff while showing how delicate and versatile his lead playing is. Drummer Travis Evans beat his kit in to submission, wowing the crowd with intensity. Bassist Tommy Koppman riveted the crowd with his punchy, bombastic bass lines and high energy stage presence. Lead vocalist Joe Gibson engaged the crowd with his powerful vocal style and natural bravado. If your bored with traditional heavy metal and hardcore is not progressive enough for you, then The Outlaws Of Zen are what you are looking for.”

Ryan and Misty - Ryan and Misty