The Opskamatrists / Press

“Closing out the show was the Opskamatrists. As the cliche goes, they’re a sight to behold. The band is comprised of two original members, brothers in their late 20s, and the othersare n00bs that appear fresh from high school. Having been playing around SE Idaho since the early 2000s, these guys are able to bring in a crowd from different ages, generations, EPOCHS! Their set went on for about 45 minutes and they rocked the house. After a little prodding from myself and Aaron Allsop, the circle pit got to a respectable size. So respectable, in fact, that the singer was prompted to tell the crowd to ”take it easy on the floor” or “we’ll be playing in the basement.” This, inevitably, led many in the crowd to comment back with “TAKE IT TO THE BASEMENT!” The Opskamatrists, as well, finished their set with a demanded encore from those who stayed to watch.”