Myrical / Press

“Wild Noise' very Eminemish:::::”

Sonya Stewart

“Listening to Wild..unbelievable sound...keep reminding myself wait a minute this brother is from Reading not NY or LA...nice groove”

Harris Cyril

“I'm proud of you, Famo. You're #1 for a reason. AllBreedEnt! Your skillz are crazy. Look out for, Myrical, everybody. Congratulate the man for a job well done.”

Allbreed Ent Owner Luis

“All "Geared Up" for more great music. Excellent flow and beats my friend! Love your tunes.”

Suburban Cry

“Great work family, killa flow & delivery, much love from the bx !”


“sick skills on the flow and the punchy, bangin good beats bro.."feel me now" is sounding bigger than a thunderclap..really diggin the vibe here!!”


“You have more then enough talent to succeed in this industry.. - Ian Industry Level Entertainment”

ian - deal

“Do what it takes, not what's required. ”

- - Myrical

“Thanks Myrical-you are a great hip hop artist! Enjoying your songs right now.”


“I just read your story!! What an inspirational story! Big ups to you, you are #Blessed! Nice music as well!”

Felicia Smith - Social Media Marketing

“Okay I'm convinced and I only had one listen! REAL talent!! Off the freaking chain!!! You have skills!!!””

Debra Hughes - CB Music Management