The One Through Tens / Press

“When The 1-10’s took control of the wheel, they led an explosively psychedelic trip through just about every genre within reach, generating enough power and excitement to solve the national energy crisis. Vocal Will Floyd romped all over the stage and the crowd while his bandmates killed a series of intricate riffs behind him. Steadily gaining a reputation for unflagging performances, the 1-10’s did not deviate from that formula here, churning out an engaging performance that shook the room.”

“The One Through Tens are a Nashville foursome playing music firmly rooted in classic rock but with influences of metal, alternative, blues and punk. If you are into bands like The Black Crowes and Wolfmother and like '70s hard rock there should be nothing to keep you from picking up Fighting For A Golden Age. The One Through Tens have energy to spare and their fresh take on classic hard rock is quite a delight. I really enjoyed it.”

“What we got here is one balls-out jamfest of damn funky, gritty rock and roll that sounds like the result of a shotgun Tennessee nuptial of the quirk funk of Primus with the mid-American-rootsy twang rock of Blind Melon. Throw in a big nod to the ass moving grooves of the presiding Reverend Red Hot Chili Peppers and a wedding party full of the dirty guitar work of Queens of the Stone Age and we got ourselves a wedding for the ages.”

“The 1-10's deliver "in-your-face," bluesy hard rock with seemingly endless energy.”

“When you’re only trying to entertain yourself, it greatly decreases the amount of topics that you care enough about to become indignant over. Our culture is anti-punk. Thankfully, The One Through Tens have indignation to spare. It oozes out of their funk-informed sound and into the title of their album: Fighting for a Golden Age. The One Through Tens are not taking this sitting down. Fighting for a Golden Age is a stellar punk release in an era that isn’t conducive to those. The understanding that the band members were swimming upstream to make this album reinforces the power and maturity of this release. Isn’t that what punk is supposed to be about?”

“The sound of this band is well rooted in a garage 1960s hard rock texture. It has a lot of blues and a lot of classic rock in place. Coming from Nashville, you might expect to hear some country music here, but only one track has even a trace of it (and then it’s slight). All in all, these guys are a great group that blends classic bluesy rock with a little progressive rock and bits of punk to create a sound that is both accessible and familiar and still new.”

“The band's own description does nothing to describe their sound, and honestly, I'm not sure if I could do any better. You see, based solely on the music, the group is an interesting blending of numerous styles and influences. Although clearly in the stoner bracket, there is a southern rock feel throughout, with some sections breaking more into blues and even a bit punky at times. "Run From Your Master" is a straight-forward stoner rocker, "Bad Day" is all blues rock, while "Eye for an Eye" sounds more like it should be coming from an alternative folk band.”

“Strange approach to heavy rock but still very interesting, if you dont mind hearing something different. The sound of The 1-10's could be described as a mixture between the raw guitar riff love of Queens Of The Stone Age, the "tune drowned in feedback" style of early Pixies, the technical quirk of Primus and the high pitched, love-it-or-hate-it vocal approach to melodies of Jane's Addiction and At The Drive in. Under the layers of distortion and behind the super high tones of the singing, theres some great songwriting. ”

“There is no lack of young men playing sweaty 70s rock’n’roll, but this short debut could prise The 1-10’s away from their Nashville roots and into the rock stratosphere...Vocalist Will Floyd’s wail is pitched somewhere between Robert Plant and Shannon Hoon...but with a guitarist like Adam Louis, and a hard-working rhythm section, Floyd could be speaking in tongues, while there would still be kids at the front furiously moshing, as if their lives depended on it. Fighting for a Golden Age shows that there is a place in the rock stratosphere for The 1-10’s, its just a case of finding it.”

“Nashville natives, The 1-10’s, new album “Fighting for the Golden Age” walks the tightrope of sounding authentic to their heavy, impromptu live sound...heavy electric guitars and funky beats make this album one to be played loudly, or not at all. The real narrative is in the music, not the words. Lyrically there is a surrealist bluesy quality, but the music itself achieves a constant rhythm of near perfect electric guitar riffs and heavy drum beats...“Fighting for the Golden Age” is a musical Molotov cocktail of dirty, off the cuff rock that isn’t for those who prefer their music polite and controlled. There’s always Ryan Cabrera for that.”

"Fighting for a Golden Age" album review: Although this band is coming out of Nashville, they certainly have nothing to do with the Country Music that US city is known for. The band is hooked on slow groovy dark downtuned guitars and that’s the way it goes from start to finish. Vocally it is quite surprising, because we have a real high quality lead singer here, who reminds a lot of ROBERT PLANT during his classic LED ZEPPELIN days! For an independent CD this does not sound bad at all, but I am really confident this band could become huge if they are discovered by the mass media, because the potential is clearly there. So if you’re looking for a combination of LED ZEPPELIN’s “Kashmir”, the early SOUNDGARDEN sound, THE ANSWER and THE BLACK CROWES, then look no further, because THE 1-10’S is the answer!

“The 1-10s (pronounced “one-through-tens”) are the sort of band that a young kid in the ’90s would feel cool for liking. Following in the footsteps of acts like Jane’s Addiction...alive with Pixies-like guitars, stumbling bass and clashing percussion...one part Southern roots, one part funk and two parts rock." "If only the sound could be affirmed by a longer album; the 1-10s know what they’re doing. Listeners will just wonder what the band might do given the opportunity to record a full-length." ”

"While their style is different, it is clearly rooted in a thorough understanding of classic rock,"..."The crushing rhythms and twisted soaring melodies tighten like a hand around your neck until its hard to breathe, and when the grip is loosened by the opening of the chorus, you realize the air already tastes and smells sweeter. The only disappointment I have with this release is that it is too short."