The Ones You Loved / Press

“How in the world are they not signed?”

“This is one of the very first bands I ever played on the show.Needless to say they have come along way. Their song is so poppy and catchy and well produced and strong... I'm going to stop over-selling it and just play it for you.”

“If you take one part whimsical, two parts nerdy and a whole lot of love you get a good idea of what ‘The Ones You Loved are all about. This husband and wife pairing, Tyler & Camille De Larm from Dallas, Texas have a way with playful electronic rhythms combined with lyrics that are both soft hearted and honest. What’s really special about this band is their dedication to their fans, music and staying true to their self proclaimed nerdy selves.”

“Su mismo nombre es una referencia al amor, este sorprendente dúo de Dallas Texas de Indie Pop es una de las agrupaciones mas interesantes de la escena musical contemporánea, sus temas musicales vagan comúnmente por el amor, la amistad y la vida. Increíble banda que refleja una imagen fresca y juvenil. Believe es un tema bastante largo, pero que al paso de cada segundo va creciendo y nos va atrapando, pierde la sencillez al paso y se transforma en una canción inigualable y llena de pasión. Una agrupación emergente que debes empezar a seguir y no perder de vista, ya que tienen un futuro muy prometedor.”

“You need to check out this latest married duo straight out of Dallas; finally, something fresh. Their music combines the feel-good essence of pop music with the rhythm and musicality of indie and dance; electronic music at its absolute finest. Apathy is my Middle Name, which is track 1 on their brand new album, is an energetic anthem with buildups and breaks. It’s a brilliant start to the album. It gives you just a taste of whats to come tracks to come. I just love the perfected variety of synth sounds and drum beats. If you’re interested in more of a “top 40 radio friendly” track, then check out track 7, Always, which is an awesome breath of fresh air. This song has to be my favorite track on the album; and if you’re interested in a less-electronic feel, than this song is definitely for you.”

“Tyler and Camille De Larm aren’t your typical married couple. Wedding bands aren’t the only things holding these two together but the music they create. These nerds, (which they consider themselves) are in a band called, “The Ones You Loved.” Collectively Tyler and Camille both write their songs giving an equal share of the load when it comes to music and not just their chores around the house. Night Owls is their second full length album, which is releasing October 20th of this year. Inspired by the early years of their relationship, Night Owls allows them to reflect on their past in order to create something their fans will love. What makes this couple so unique however, is not just the music, but the heart they both have behind their sound. In fact, they gave seventy percent of their sales off their first album to the St. Jude Hospital. That’s awesome! ”