the Ones Known As / Press

“The 21st annual Mississippi Music Fest was chopped and moved to the Atwood Ballroom, but across the street from Riverside Park the music was still playing in full force. Local emcees The Ones Known As were entertaining a crowd of about 20 and growing on a makeshift stage built within a garage. Minneapolis speedster emcee Carnage was on hand as well to lay down some freestyle raps and beatbox skills for the rained out crowd. Even though Riverside Park was washed out, hip hop prevailed on the moist grounds across the street. The Ones Known As couldnt be held back by a little rain.”

Kaleb Bronson - University Chronicle

“The incredible bottle flipping, tin flinging bartenders who rock it behind the wood at TGI Fridays are teaming up with the local talent of some of st.cloud's finest hip hop connisseurs, "the Ones known as" a group made up of ever impressive ladies men”

D. Jerry Curly - the Weekly Buzz