The Olympics / Press

“The band, fronted by Jeff Roalson, assumes the role of the happy crank, those who have turned on themselves enough times to know that they're just not where they want to be yet. The characters in the group's songs are filled with light, something that seems to be guiding, something altogether right and good and yet, there are the tangents that take them to their sad times, where they can't settle on who exactly they're going to wind up as. Roalson barks at times, with an aloof voice that suddenly takes offense, that suddenly pulls against the chain. There's sounds to be a battle going on, as there are pretty colors to look at and an overall feeling of casual, stress-free air, but still enough moments to get frazzled by.”

“So, the thing about Sub Pop is that they should sign the Happy Chromosomes. It’s really impressive that such a young band — high school, yo — is so on top of their indie-pop game. They would fit right onto the Sub Pop roster or even it’s little sister label, Hardly Art. But alas, those Pacific Northwesterners are so short-sighted, always looking past us modest Iowans. To be clear: Happy Chromosomes are a local high school band who play with the strength of a well-seasoned outfit and, damn, their songs are catchy.”

-Mission Creek Blog

“The Olympics came on next and quickly won the hearts of everyone in the room. Easy progressions set sail on Dan Roalson’s fast and funky bass grooves while Trevor Polk’s creative keyboard voicing made my lips keep curling up into involuntary smiles. The Olympics make fun, well-crafted songs, they are never boring.”

-Little Village Magazine