The Oliver Moore Band / Press

" My foot was tapping from the first measure on. Something about this simple, easy to follow strum-and-tick groove is infectious. I was digging it pretty hard before the vocals even hit. The vocals melted in perfectly, super soulful and bluesy, and were backed nicely during the hooks by that funky far-off voice (nice contrast between the grounded sound of the lead and the more wild leaping sound of the backing). I especially was into the use of the drums to divide sections, popping up to announce themselves then disappearing back under the guitar and vocals. Really awesome stuff, from the opening chords to the twangy blues rock bridge."

““The guitar intro reminds me of the Pixies music, and I really enjoy it. Instrumentally, the song is immaculate and professionally made. It has a good tune and interesting part. The chords lead to a very nice flourish which begins with the singer entering the song. The melody is catchy and unique; it complements the singer's voice and background guitar. The eerie mood is fit perfectly with the interesting melody; the small guitar solos make the song great.””

Crowd Review