Stephen Morse: Drum/Percussionist / Press

“Greatest drummer in Oregon!”

The Wizard - Creator of Music Conflux Radio

“You are consistent and 100% passionate about your playing, and if you don't get a part right you keep trying until you get it, it is impressive, and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for raw energy to give his drumtracks a listen!”

Tim Fite - Fan/Best Friend

“Amazing work here! Of course I fanned you :-) Where are all the good musicians when I need some so badly? Oregon of course :-). Thanks so much and I really look forward to more of this!”

“Total bad ass”

“I'd play the stage with this guy again anytime, performed with him and a past project of his on stage... had some sweet progressive drumming behind it.”

Eli Lundgern - GENOCIDE

“I was at a show in Reedsport, OR (slay the 7 also performed) and the drummer got down on the floor and did this solo act on a single drum with crowd members!! It was pretty badass!! That is what sticks in my mind :)”

Stephenie Reed - Fan

“He can play and he loves it. One hell of a performer, and all around good kid. Even a major surgery didn't stop him from performing! Amazing heart!”

Greg Beard - Security, The Green Spot Entertainment

“A cool guy, I've known him for like... ever. Works hard, and can jam the kit!”

Scott Carrion - The Entity

“I have known Stephen for nearly 10 years now, and since the day I've met him drums have been an important thing in his life. Starting out on a 5 piece kit, slowly over the years I watched him go from your average kid that likes to make loud noises to piss of the neighbors to an amazing musician. He has jumped to whatever band is "better" trying to find the perfect project, and each time his abilities have surpassed his bandmates and he's had to move on. From that 5 piece kit to a now 32 piece kit, Stephen's music abilities never cease to amaze me. He has dedicated his life to being a drummer, dedicated it to being better than everyone else, and pours his heart and soul into his music. Listening to his drumtracks will take you by the throat and pull you down as you're gripping for something sane, because his abilities are out of this world.”

Arica Fisher - Fan/Best Friend

“I was very impressed when I found your page that you are a real drummer dude, influenced by some of the greats too. I have never seen any drummers promote just drums on here unless it's Derek Roddy or other individuals like that. Really cool man!”

Vincent Kevorkian - Igzordium, Abortion Autopsy

“Check out Stephen Morse, he's a sick ass drummer, I had the privilege to record a track with him, go check it out on his page and hit him up, great guy, awesome drummer.”

“In thinking, my first band was "The Melody Makers" alongside Jeff Mason in 5th Grade. I can't believe I was only 9 or 10 back then, I could barely handle a 4/4 and the song 'Wipe-Out' was the hardest thing to ever accomplish, especially the solo!!”

Stephen Morse - Drum/Percussionist

“This kid has an epic drumkit and knows how to play it, he's unrelenting in his performance and always gives 100% on and off the stage, a great addition to any high-energy project.”

Anthony Prestacore - (Sly & Co.) & OrCoast Music

“I can describe him in one word... Unbelievable!”

Marlon Madsen, Guitars - Funk N' Ballz

"A supremely talented drummer that has no ability to see limits in what he does. He shows amazing showmanship on stage and a talent I haven't seen in years!"

Big John - Owner of The Green Spot Entertainment

"I knew this student would go places when I met him (Stephen) in my 5th grade class. He still never ceases to amaze me behind the drums!"

Jeff Mason - The Melody Makers, Highland Elementary

“He's damn good. One bad ass of a Prog-Drummer. And always down to hit the street and hang up posters and promote the hell out of any show or band he's apart of.”

Boots, Vox - New World Sinner