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“The Objex has never been a band which has left a bland or uneventful mark on rock ‘n’ roll but without doubt with a greater maturity and stronger antagonism to their craft and open alchemy in their sound, Super Charged Little Nova places the band on a new genre inspiring plateau.”

“Melanie Troxler, more commonly known as Felony Melony, is the provocative, mohawked singer of local punk band The Objex. We talked to Troxler about the band’s new EP, Super Charged Little Nova (released May 25; available at bigcartel.com), notorious punk rocker GG Allin and starting a rock revolution.”

“The Objex..great live band!”

““If punk is dead, just call me a necrophile” is one of the best damn lyrics I've ever heard. On their ode to punk provocateur / total bastard GG Allin “GG (Get It Done),” The Objex makes a case for the continued vitality and necessity of no-frills punk rock. Their latest record, Super Charged Little Nova is a straight up declaration of punk pride.”

“The Objex bring all the action straight from the studio to the stage.The band’s set during this year’s Punk Rock Bowling proved they are as big a spectacle live as they are in the recording studio. Every song on Super Charged Little Nova is short, loud and outrageous so it’s a good thing the band never takes themselves too seriously. This in your face approach definitely works in their favor and lets Felony Melony get away with almost anything.”

“Felony Melony’s crazy “costume” didn’t involve pants, but her flexible acrobatics on the stage and barricade made a practical and scandalous fashion statement. Couple that with her two foot Mohawk and the band’s obscene lyrics and you’ve got all the ingredients for an old school punk rock show.”

“They pride themselves on doing and saying whatever the f$$k they want. The Objex play Punk Rock hard, fast and nasty. Don't miss them in Vegas this year or any where else the might play near you, The Objex put on one hell of a show!”

“Felony Melony, a gorgeous mohawked ball of lightning that is an unstoppable force of nature -- the very definition of an in-your-face entertainer. She's about as close as most of us will ever be to seeing Iggy Pop in his Raw Power prime and with the vocal chops to back it up. Whether it's on the stage or on the bar itself, you will not be able to keep your eyes off of her -- uninhibited, explosive and ferocious.”

“The Objex. Lead singer Felony Melony, in my opinion, rocks the best Mohawk I have ever seen”

“Felony Melony, is one of the most engaging ever to front a Las Vegas band. Whether rocking out with the band or singing from atop someone’s shoulders out in the crowd, Melony keeps your attention as if she holds the mortgage on it.”

“Hell yeah! Rock is alive in Vegas, baby! Mohawk-sporting Felony Melony wails on the new record from The OBJEX, RESERVATIONS FOR DEBAUCHERY”

“Sporting a foot tall multi-colored mohawk and a pair of the best tits the greater LA area has seen, she spun and kicked her way across the small Redwood stage and into the audience. She got in the faces of everyone in the first three rows, smeared red lipstick all over her face, and made out with at least two crowd members.”

“If you’re not sure whether you’ve seen an Objex show, you haven’t. When frontwoman Felony Melony gets on a stage, there’s no confusing the dynamic punk four-piece with any other band in Las Vegas.”

“One of the first thing you might see when visiting the Afro Punk website for the first time is a mohawked Pixie, the color of Cafe Au-lait, doing a back bend on the stage and screaming into a microphone.”

“Their latest effort, Reservations for Debauchery, features nine tracks of punk and rock mayhem, delivered with an aggressive attitude and a multitude themes (a lot of it sexual). It's an album full of awesome punk and rock, great hooks and loads of energy.”

“The charisma and confidence of frontwoman Felony Melony, who was obviously having a great time, made their set a joy to watch.”

“It is something of an understatement to say that Melanie’s high-energy performance had the models interacting with her in a way that . . . well . . . justified the enthusiasm they had for her. ”

“The Objex were up for the challenge! They wasted no time as they opened up the set with one of their stand out tracks called "Squeeze" from their new album "RSVP for Debauchery". As always Felony Melanie demanded all eyes as the crowd appease her. ”

“Rattled, battered and thoroughly yet pleasingly wasted is how one feels after sweltering in the full blistering punk rock force of Reservations for Debauchery from Las Vegas based band The Objex. If you thought punk rock had seen better days then get your eager mitts on this unapologetic orgasm of uncontrollable punk intensity and attitude thrust through the ear via vital and eager riffs wrapped in pulsating sexual energy!”

“Melony is charismatic, visually stunning, but more significantly she’s got a voice like a motherfucker, one that shames many American Idol finalists.”

“Fronted by ferocious femme fatale Felony Melony, The Objex excel at lobbing moshpit-inducing Molotov cocktails (“Fun in Funeral,” “Social Disease”) into unsuspecting audiences.”

“The Objex didn't take much time getting the crowd warmed up. Felony Melanie had the crowd's attention from the minute they started to play. Standing on tables and singing in faces. Her presence demanded attention and the crowd obliged like putty in her hands.”

“Mike: Felony Melony has some serious moxie. She's tough, but here, she also sounds like one horny minx. "Social Disease" might be my favorite. I love the chorus.”

“If your into the lewdness of Lords Of Acid, the voice of Joan Jett, and the hard hitting sound of Motorhead, RSVP for Debauchery is gonna knock your fucking socks off.”

“they’re a fast, mean bike you’ll want to ride ‘til you’re sore – or fall off trying.”

“slightly more polished than on their previous records, the 'Fuck You' attitude remains intact”

“When listening, it’s very reminiscent of and sounds like a cross between The Lunachicks, Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics, Green Day and Ike and Tina Turner. In fact, the Tina Turner influence is so strong with her; Melony has been dubbed as the “Punk Rock Tina Turner”

“This band is so full of energy it is just unbelievable. Melony running all over the place, Jim smokin his guitar strings,... and Chile beating his drum kit like he was in a Fight with it. And He won that battle”

“I love the sound of it all... melodic, spikey Pernk rock with a hint of old skool UK sound, the Bags and a fuck sight more.”

“In Felony Melony they have a front-woman to reinject the sexy swaz back into punk music which has been soiled by the mark of pierced-nose stinking skinheads”

“Enter the talented and sexy Felony Melanie – a future Suicide Girl - and think Tina Turner fronting The Dwarves. “The Objex is the type of punk rock you’re not going to see on TV in between videos by Lindsay Lohan and the cast of ‘High School Musical,’””

“The Objex are infectious like that, luring everyone into their punk-fundom”