The No Tomorrow Boys / Press

“The No Tomorrow Boys seem to be well over drinking age, but it's possible they retain fond memories of their time in juvie—or at least they want you to think so. Despite their pompadours and leather jackets, they aren't a period piece with a James Dean fixation. In fact, they sound a lot more like authentic 1950s garage rock than the bands that jacked the style two decades later and called it punk. Like deep cuts off early Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard albums, and most especially like the great Tacoma band the Sonics, the No Tomorrow Boys rock out about innocent things, like girls and cars. But they do it with such uninhibited frenzy that you finally get why early rock 'n' roll caused mothers to cry into their aprons and dads to ship the kids off to parochial school.”

“Club 21 gets a little crazy on Saturday nights even when there's not a crazy, out-of-control rockabilly band chugging away. And while it's hard to imagine where the No Tomorrow Boys—who release their new 7-inch, (Do The) No Tomorrow Twist, tonight—are going to actually fit (previous shows have happened on the patio, but it's getting damn cold and these guys are damn loud), it is not a stretch to guess that the gig will be an awful lot of fun. The 7-inch is all balls-to-the-wall throwback punk-Americana (the sleeve is all leopard-print, leather and knives, if that helps) that sounds like Chuck Berry on a ton of speed. And pills. And self-loathing. Rock and roll!”

“Coming on like an Americanized Guitar Wolf or The Cramps sans the horror theme, Portland's No Tomorrow Boys get it right! …This is the REAL DEAL, kids! Any old band can ape the style, but The No Tomorrow Boys have the fire in the soul to genuinely capture the unholy essence of early rock n' roll. It has been a while since I've come across a new band in this mold, and let me tell you it's a real jolt to hear music like this again! These tunes are wild and fun and supercharged with sex (in other words, the opposite of what typically passes for "indie" rock in the year 2011!). If classic late '50s motorcycle gang leather jacket-and-switchblade rock n' roll replete with a bawdy backbeat, howling juvenile delinquent vocals, and red-hot guitar action sounds good to you, well then you have good taste. And The No Tomorrow Boys should be right up your alley!”

“The thing that comes to mind when I think of (The No Tomorrow Boys) is 'moxy.' They got moxy and plenty of it. ”

“The No Tomorrow Boys. Slick Rockabilly Rock n Rolla's with the hair to suit. During the last song the guitarist flicks out his switchblade and starts manically shredding with it, throwing it into the floorboards at the end. It was so badass I'm sure the vagina of every gal in the room exploded while the penis of every man proceeded to shrink back into their bodies with shame and despair of how uncool they are compared to these guys. ”