The North Valley / Press

“The North Valley has married old-school Southern rock with modern Americana in this great debut EP. But for the true The North Valley treatment, see this band live.”

“The five piece, assembled around two members of Mountain Hymns and two vestige members of The Spins has played only a hand-full of shows and one radio session since debuting with Desert Noises in Ogden last December. On the surface The North Valley are a simple hard-hitting rock band with powerful vocals, but what sets them apart from the rest is rooted beneath the longhair torn jean exterior. It’s their songwriting. As the late great Utah Phillips put it, “A revolutionary song is any song that you choose to sing yourself.” Now I’m not calling the The North Valley revolutionary, but they certainly have a voice of their own and aren’t afraid to use it. When a band with this much talent and versatility speaks its mind, or in The North Valley’s case sings it in angelic harmony, people won’t be able to help but listen.”

“The North Valley is one of the newest bands to hit the local music scene, and they are like a breath of fresh air. The band consists of members from former local band The Spins as well as Mountain Hymns to create a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before. They recently released an EP, “The Bad Habits,” which I personally can’t wait to get a copy of. I’ve been impressed since the first time I saw these guys live, and you will be too! If you haven’t had a chance to hear their awesome tunes yet, no need to fear! They are playing a show later this month (March 21st) with the always-amazing Desert Noises at MOJO’s here in our little city. They will be selling their EP there as well, and in the meantime, you can hop over here to listen to the entire EP or buy the album for only 2 bucks! These guys are old souls, and it shows when you listen to their heartfelt lyrics and beautiful harmonies.”

“The North Valley, a fiv- piece combination group formed out of three bands. Originally known as The Spins, that group kinda spun into inactivity, forcing members to move on without rest, picking up new bandmates from Mountain Hymns and The Descriptive as replacements for this new indie-folk project. The group (seen above) have mainly been playing live for a few months, but quickly grabbed producer Casey Romney to record them live at the Spectra Sonics Warehouse for their debut album The Bad Habits EP. There's a hint of garage and Southern rock in the mix, making it a more upbeat album than you'd normally find in folk;it's at least worth a listen. You can download it from their Bandcamp page for just $2.”