The Northern Skies / Press

"You can call it Newgrass or 'Folk-Rock With Teeth', (the band's description), but the label hardly matters. The Northern Skies takes bluegrass, Americana, and Celtic music and pours it through an indie rock funnel to distill something that sounds like a party out in the back yard. And yes, there is moonshine at that party"

Revue Magazine

"It's Engblade's clear, strong vocals give power to his lyrics. His voice ranges from the gentle tones of a balladeer to insistent gutteral growls. ...fused even with the most despairing of lyrics is a dauntless energy."

Sarah Jensen - Ludington Daily News

“Awash in Americana instrumentation and modern songwriting, the new disc from GR/Detroit six-piece, recorded by Sweet Japonic’s Roy Wallace, is an up-north front porch masterpiece. The key word is “beautiful” – even during the more serious moments, the vocals and the instruments work together in perfect synchronicity (if not perfect tune), firmly wringing every ounce of rhythm and melody that the song will support. This is a very reverent album – reverent to the power of music, and lyrically nostalgic for the present moment. Go to www.myspace.com/thenorthernskies for show dates and band info.”

Ryan Cunningham - Recoil Magazine