The Non-Commissioned Officers / Press

"In most cases the album is the film's soundtrack, but for "Make-Out With Violence," a teen zombie movie that is opening on Friday at the ReRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn, Factory 25 is featuring the music of a band, the Non-Commissioned Officers, formed by the lead actors. The band got together during the shoot and has since toured and played Bonnaroo, the music festival in rural Tennessee."

"The Non-Commissioned Officers just landed their tune "Evolve" in a series of Garnier Fructis commercials. "Evolve" was co-penned by Non-Comms siblings Eric and Jordan Lehning, along with local ivory-tickler Skylar Wilson."

“Conventional origins usually denote preparation; a semblance of plot. But The Non-Commissioned Officers are hardly conventional. Their origins consist of a jaw dropping gig in New York, which ended with the band’s mum singing a cover of Eno’s ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ and, when delving further, a movie.”

“Their two-disc epic—which ranges from proto-punk- and New Wave-influenced dance numbers to magnificently expansive and occasionally bleak soundscapes—won Best Music in a Feature Film at the Nashville Film Festival.”

“The first major stylistic wave that leaps from the speakers is how beautifully the Lehning brothers have blended those classic soundtrack staples with modern and exquisite instrumental experimentation.”

“The night's headliners were the Non-Commissioned Officers, a dapper 6-piece that was kind of a combination of the first two bands. They had a friendly rapport with the crowd that made the set a lot of fun. It was good to see a band that didn't take themselves too seriously, but still played quality music. This approach made them strike me as the Mile 8 of the hipster scene. Their songs were powerful but refreshingly short, ending right when you would expect another verse and chorus.”

“To celebrate the Non-Commissioned Officers’ recent Road to Bonnaroo win, BMI treated the band to lunch at Nashville hotspot Lime on Wednesday, March 10. The group, known as the “Non-Coms” to their growing fanbase, secured the one of four Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival slots up for grabs during the first installment of the 2010 Road to Bonnaroo competition, held Monday, February 22.”