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“The six songs of former Kansans/now Chicagoans The Noise FM’s Enclave carom between sounding like a more restrained, much less proggy Muse and less glam, toned-down Killers – which is a good thing to these ears. If only these six originals were a bit more interesting, a tad less repetitive, and had more lyrics like the third cut’s “Of all the mistakes I made/The best was you.””

““Who we are. Tell us all who we are. Who we are. Make us something real,” beg the recent Lawrence, Kansas transplants of alternative-rock trio The Noise FM on “Who We Are,” the aptly titled closing track of 2010 release Enclave. For a band that spent the five preceding tracks firmly establishing “who they are” as artists, it’s an intriguing choice for a closer, at once confident in their identity, but also seemingly petitioning for feedback. Regardless of personal interpretations towards the track and its placement, whatever it is that The Noise FM is selling, I’m not only alert, but I’m buying.”

“The Noise FM follows their 2008 full-length Dream of the Attack with the 2010 EP Enclave, a recording that blends big beat rock with curvy dance grooves and bold vocal delivery. Enclave displays attributes similar to its predecessor; namely, the material on the EP is also radio ready and energetic. The band’s electro rock meets sinuous pop sound is dynamic, intense, full of bravado. Refined production, engineering, and mastering on these six tracks only enhances the sheer talent of Alex Ward, Austin Ward, and Oliver Mosier. The EP begins with “The Vault,” a taut number charged with energy, crisp drums, and an urgent guitar riff. The band generates a hard-knuckled sound bolstered by programmed effects. The slinky bass line on the first single “I Can’t Stop” circulates between downbeat percussion and a dance club vibe.”

“The indie pop band is back in town on Friday for their yearly holiday fundraiser “Noise for Toys,” but this isn’t your grandmother’s charity show. The Noise boys will be packing a punch when they raise money for Toys for Tots thanks to an overflowing lineup featuring some of the area’s most popular bands, a sweater contest, door prizes and more. “This will be our third year of doing the Douglas County benefit concert,” says singer and guitarist Alex Ward. “We do it for fun. We encourage everyone to wear their nastiest, ugliest Christmas sweaters, go all out with decorations. We want to make it more of a special event than a concert.””

“It's difficult to imagine a local release in recent years that comes out of the gate stronger than The Noise FM's "Dream of the Attack." Beginning with the taut, magnetic riffs of "Simple Simon" and continuing through the gaping-mouth hooks of "Circles," the album strikes a perfect balance between musicianship and songcraft -- two things that don't always come as a package. The trio of Alex Ward, Austin Ward, and Derek Wright has gotten off to a running start during their first year in Lawrence, playing extensively in the area and touring the Midwest. Much of the band's chemistry has to do with the fact that they've been playing together since junior high. "Attack" captures the band's new material in vivid detail with help from Lawrence's Mixtape SoundLabs. It's a well-produced album in the traditional sense (good songs) and in the modern sense (lots of cool ProTools plug-ins).”

“This weekend, brothers Austin and Alex Ward of the Lawrence band The Noise FM will spearhead a toy drive for Douglas County Toys for Tots. On Monday, they’ll go back to serving local youngsters in a different fashion: substitute teaching. “Overall, it’s an awesome job,” Austin says. “It’s extremely easy money, and you literally read all day. Unless you’re doing elementary school, and then it’s like baby-sitting for eight hours. If you have a short temper, it’s probably not your field.””

“On December 11, indie outfit the Noise FM headlines the second annual Noise for Toys benefit show at the Bottleneck. The charity concert, which is organized by members of the Noise FM with the support of the Douglas County Toys for Tots program, is also the band's first hometown show since brothers Austin and Alex Ward made the move to Chicago this past summer.”

"There aren’t any pretensions; we’re playing accessible rock and roll. We had prog-rock tendencies but over the last year and a half we’ve switched to dancier music. It’s fun, but it’s not dumbed down by any means. We’re trying to do fairly intelligent dance rock."

“Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, The Noise FM are Alex Ward, 26, brother Austin Ward, 24, and Oliver Mosier 20. Formed by the brothers in 2005, The Noise FM has two full-length cds, “2006′s Night of the Sentinels, and the critically-acclaimed Dream of the Attack, released in 2008. In May of 2010 the band released the Enclave EP, and are enjoying their greatest reviews yet.”

“Describe your sound in five words or less: "Sexy astronauts dancing in space." - The Noise FM”