The Niche / Press

"I've seen this band in action onstage and they are dynamite!...I really dig this band and its not hard to figure out why."

"These guys (and gal!) knew how to rock the stage. The performance alone was very dynamic and entertaining, and the music was catchy and fun. There were definitely a lot of people up on the dance floor grooving to their Rock, meets Bluesy-Jazz-almost Latin Funk style that they like to call "Sonic Rock."... "If I had to sum this performance up in one simple sentence, it would be that The Niche sounded perfectly imperfect. I'd go see them again in a heartbeat! "

"As a young indie band carving out a path for their eclectic style, front man Gabriel Savage is charismatic, deeply into his craft, and strongly present on stage. As the youngest member at 19, he seems far wiser than his earthly years. I offer the compliment “old soul” to Gabriel because he is definitely channeling someone from the 60′s."

"There is a distinct infusion of blues sounds, which further illustrates the “eclectic feel” of the overall performance that I was experiencing. Dare I call them refreshing and liken them to The Doors in the same sentence? I’ll bet nobody’s done that before, but maybe that’s why they call themselves The|Niche."

“A La Rue is classic, haunting and mind blowing! Prepare yourself to be transformed into a melted puddle of extrasensory bliss! Welcome to the Cabaret!”