The New Thoreaus / Press

“The New Thoreaus on KUSF's Hangover Sessions”

“The New Thoreaus are on fire! Their excellent debut, Neon Americana, came out just last year. This month alone they have toured California from Monterey to San Diego and, in July, they head off for Greece, France and Germany. Send them off in style as they celebrate the release of a brand new EP, Sinners on the Take, at the Great American Music Hall next Friday, May 16th! It’s part of the Big Ass Hillbilly Show with The Earl Brothers and Lonesome Lester (of the Pine Box Boys). The EP kicks off with the title track, “Sinners on the Take”. Upright bass is gradually joined by harmonica, guitar and finally trumpet before Chris Bloomfield’s insane vocals chime in. Chris combines raw-throated Tom Waits moments with Appalachian Bonnie Billy hiccups like he might just be their love child. Just soon enough some soothing lady harmonies join in and you feel like all that sinning might just be forgiven with the line “your angry god has got one more song to sing.” Beautiful.”

“The New Thoreaus delivers on the "new" part of its name, putting a modern spin on old-timey folk and bluegrass. Cello, upright bass, and trumpet lend the songs a baroque feel that's similar to Beirut, while the harmonica and finger-picked banjo keep it firmly in Americana...When they blend in rich vocal harmonies, it's akin to an alt-country Broken Social Scene.”

"The New Thoreaus are one of the few bands that can appeal to a crowd full of traditionalists AND folks who like a little something different. Think Tom Waits meets NOLA's Preservation Hall Jazz Band."

“Even though they are usually pigeonholed as an indie-folk band, Ian Patton describes their sound as "a secular gospel band, drawing influence from folk and roots."”