thenewseasons / Press

“Here is our video blog tribute to our 2013 VILLAIN Convention Season directed by Shanda Daranouvong. A villainous thank you to thenewseasons for their song, “I’m Your VILLAIN.” Check them out at thenewseasons.com Enjoy, VILLAINS and thank you for your support!”

"Please welcome thenewseasons to Rocker's Dive Radio."

“Tonight’s HFS Locals Only Spotlight features thenewseasons, an upstart two-piece band from outside Frederick, Maryland. According to band members Declan Poehler (drums and vocals) and Iain Standing (guitar, bass, and vocals), they draw from all sorts of influences, ranging from punk rock to jazz to funk…but we also heard a bit of a blues rock element in their song “You Got Me”. The band is less than a year old but already has a number of shows under its belt, and they’re constantly working on new material as they prepare for a future release.”

"It is evident right from the start, that this is a young local band finding its footing, although they have some experience in other bands. And these two have combined to dive right in and head to the studio with some early songs that they want to get down. In this case, it sounds more like a home studio (although telling the difference anymore is quite difficult). Most importantly, they keep things simple with guitars, drums, and vocals and not a whole lot of trickery. I find this album fun when it works, but more of a good way of finding out what these guys are capable of, as opposed to something that is to be treasured for all times. I have often thought that these two-person bands are merely good starting points unless the two are blow-away brilliant or doing something bizarre and twisted. So I hope these guys keep moving forward, as they are off to a good start with these songs, as they show some understanding of creating appealing rock music. And perhaps like Animal Collective's